What is open in Newark NJ during the coronavirus?

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During the coronavirus, there has been what feels like an avalanche of rules and regulations of what people can and can’t do, and what businesses can and can’t open. It’s not always easy to keep up, and when they differ by city as well as state in some parts of the country, it’s even more overwhelming. Therefore, to help you understand a little bit more about what is open in Newark, NJ, during the coronavirus, we have put together a brief list to give you an idea of some of the options available to you.


If you are still craving a few cheap meals from your favorite fast-food joints, then you are in luck. Fast-food chains such as Domino’s, Popeye’s, Moe’s, Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, and Chipotle among others, have all stayed open during this time and have no plans to close just yet. They are offering their services via their drive-in, or through their home delivery rather than instore, but they have all increased their workers on the delivery service in order to keep on top of the increase in requests.


Classed as essential businesses, laundromats all around the country have been able to stay open during the coronavirus. Great news for anyone who doesn’t have the right facilities in their own home. In Newark, there are plenty of locations to choose from including Super Laundromat,

Waterworks Laundromat, and Ez Wash Laundromat to name a few. Things are relatively the same but expect to wear a mask during your visit.


We don’t blame you if you still need to get your coffee fix, with daily life feeling so stressful, sometimes, a great cup of coffee can be a highlight of the day. While unfortunately a lot of smaller cafes are closed, Starbucks has utilized not only their drive-ins but also their home delivery and really pulled through in order to keep the residents on Newark stocked up on caffeine. There are two locations in Newark city; at 679 Broad Street, and at 3 Brewster Road, (there is also a third in Newark Airport). So while you may not be able to sit down inside like before, at the moment they are offering alternative ways for you to still get your favorite drink.


Newark has a great selection of restaurants in its city, and while it is not practical for us to list every single place that is open during this time, we have selected some of the top restaurants so you have some excellent ones to choose from. Don’t forget to call ahead first as the restaurant may only currently offer takeout and delivery rather than dine-in.

  • Fornos of Spain
  • Adega Grill
  • Mompou Tapas Bar & Restaurant
  • Spanish Tavern
  • Sabor Unido
  • Casa d’Paco
  • Seabra’s Marisqueira
  • Sol-Mar Restaurant
  • Casa Vasca
  • Brasilia Grill

The most important thing to always remember whenever you are out and about at any business is to stay safe, and follow the rules in place, not just for yourself but for other people too!

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