What to Do at the Zoo in Newark, New Jersey

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If you’re in Newark, New Jersey and wondering what to do, why not check out the Turtle Back Zoo only 6 miles away? This zoo is reopening in February from being closed this winter, so you’re in luck! Admission rates for the zoo are as follows. For adults over 13 years of age, admission is $14. For children between the ages of 2-12, admission is $12. Admission for Seniors over 62 years of age is also $12, and all babies under the age of two are free! If you’d like to become a member, you may purchase a membership for an individual at $105, or an individual and a guest at $130. For a family of two adults and four children, membership is $155, while the family plus one plan is $170.

Would you like to adopt an animal? Your gift will only symbolically “adopt” an animal as it will remain the sole property of the zoo, however, you will help with the animal’s care and provisions while staying at the Turtle Back Zoo. The Conservationist package is $50 (members $45), the Advocate package is $75 (members $67.50), the Enthusiast package is $100 (members $90), or the Guardian package is $200 (members $180). These gifts are one hundred percent tax deductible, and you have your choice to adopt several different kinds of animals, from the lion to the penguin, and the alligator to the bald eagle. Whatever animal you love, you can adopt and be proud that your contribution not only helps the animal, but the zoo as well.

You can support the zoo in several other ways as well, such as giving a donation, joining the Owl Society, or reserving a plaque on their Donor Wall. All of these gifts serve to enrich the zoo for years to come, not only in their habitats and exhibits, but also their events and activities.

To become a member of the Owl Society, you must plan for remembering the Turtle Back Zoo with a gift as you make your estate plans and have it documented so that when the time comes, your gift will continue to live on at the zoo.

In order to make a donation, you can find the Turtle Back Zoo’s Amazon Wish List on their website and put one, two, or several items in your cart and purchase away! These items will greatly benefit the animals, the keepers, and the guests once the zoo reopens in February. The zoo’s wish list includes items such as Frisbees, rolled oats, construction paper, Christmas lights, even gift cards to establishments such as Home Depot and Petco. If you’re looking for a unique way to donate to the zoo, this would be it!

Events are not yet scheduled but keep your eye out on their webpage for all kinds of fun going down at the Turtle Back Zoo. They reopen their doors on February 1st, so be sure to be the first in line!

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