Where to Buy Souvenirs Near Newark NJ

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Newark, NJ, is a popular place to visit with its cultural influences and heavy involvement in the art and entertainment world. Therefore, if you find yourself sending some time soaking up the history and culture of this magnificent city, you will most likely want to pick up a few souvenirs before you head home as a reminder of a great trip. Due to this, we have put together a list below of the top spots for souvenir buying so you don’t go home empty-handed.

Kiran Gift Shop

Located right in the center of the financial business district this store is in the perfect place to pick up a few items as you are exploring the city. Stock up on some of the finest souvenirs and gifts to commemorate your trip with plenty of reasonable prices. Check them out at the address below.

Address: 168 Market St,

Newark, NJ 07102


Situated inside of Newark Liberty International Airport, this is the ideal place to shop for those who have forgotten to buy souvenirs in the city. There is a great range on offer from magnets, key chains, and articles of clothing, and all at relatively cheap prices given the fact that it is inside an airport. This store is open every day from 6am until 9pm, so you always have plenty of time to get what you need before boarding your flight.

Address: Newark Liberty International Airport

100 International Way

Newark, NJ 07114,

Tien Rong Gift Shop

Pick up a whole host of unique and out of the ordinary souvenirs and gifts at Tien Rong Gift Shop. This store perfectly encompasses the cultural diversity and richness of the city, and is a fabulous little spot to find things that you won’t find anywhere else or may have never seen before. Check them out at the address below if you fancy having a browse.

Address: 175 Ferry St

Newark, NJ 07105

Corner Gift Store

The Corner Gift Store is a little bit of everything rolled into one. If you want to pick up some souvenirs for your trip, then go ahead, but if you want to grab something to eat and drink while you are there, then you can do this also. They stock a range of gifts and trinkets, as well as snacks, drinks.

Address: 1134 S Orange Ave

Newark, NJ 07106

Hudson News

Another one that you can find inside Newark Liberty International Airport is Hudson News. Like with the store above, the location and long opening hours are perfect for anyone who left their souvenir shopping a little too late. As well as gifts and souvenirs that represent the city and the surrounding areas, you can also pick up newspapers, magazines, snacks, and other items you might need for your trip. This is a reasonably priced shop with everything you could want.

Address: 1 Newark Airport

Newark, NJ 07114

Take a piece of Newark’s culture to your own home with some of the best souvenirs in town!

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