Electric Bike Rentals in Oakland, California

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If you’re wondering what might be fun and exciting to do in Oakland, CA, look no further than renting an electric bicycle. Ebikes are bicycles equipped with an electric motor that assists the rider when pedaling. This makes for an easier and more satisfying ride, as hills and rough terrain become no problem. Ebikes are classified in the state of California in the same way as regular bicycles, meaning they are allowed on any street or path a normal bike can go. Children 17 and younger must wear a helmet while operating an electric bike.

Renting an ebike is easy in Oakland. The city has a bikeshare program called Bay Wheels by Lyft, and they are available in kiosks all over town! How does this work? Become a member, and the first year is only $5! After the first year is over, however, the program is $5 per month. These bikes are available 24/7, every day of the year. Membership covers the first hour of your rental, after which an ebike rental is $0.05 per minute with a ceiling of $1. You may pay with cash, your debit card, or a prepaid card. This service is only for adults 18 and older. Once you have completed your ride, simply return your bike to any free kiosk, you do not need to return it where you first rented it!

If you’d like to rent your ebikes from a reputable dealer, head across the Bay to Blazing Saddles in San Francisco. This shop has two different ebikes to choose from, the E-Blazer or the Stromer.

The E-Blazer’s rental fees are as follows:

$48 per 2 hours

$58 per 3 hours

$62.50 per 24 hours

The Stromer’s rental fees are as follows:

$58 per 2 hours

$68 per 3 hours

$70.40 per 24 hours

If you’d like to own an ebike, this shop sells them too!

What trails might you ride in and around Oakland? We have a couple of suggestions. The Port of Oakland is a scenic ride and great for a bike rider of any skill level. This 2.4-mile bike ride takes you on a loop around the port. You’ll see water views, nature, and the city of Oakland all in one bike ride!

Another great ride is on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Shoreline trail. This path is dedicated to bicycle traffic, 17 miles long, and winds around the San Leandro Bay, giving you flat, even pathways free from cars. Beautiful water views abound until you come to look back upon Oakland at the Shoreline. This trail is a wonderful choice for anyone who simply wants an easy and uncomplicated weekend bike ride.

During your stay in Oakland, come and see what all the fuss is about. Rent an electric bike and go on an adventure today!

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