Best Places to Take Pictures around Orlando, FL

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Orlando. This Floridian center of entertainment brings millions from around the world to pack its amenities, between empires of amusement parks, charming neighborhoods, and rapid growth. And for all the efforts devoted to events, Orlando does not fail to deliver. If you will be in Central Florida whether as a visitor or as a local, there will be so much to take pictures of, and it’s hard to tell where to get the best shots. We’ve got you covered, read on for some of our favorite places to capture the highlights of your visit to Orlando.

Disney World Magic Kingdom

If you must choose one location while in Orlando to take pictures, and to make it abundantly clear that you were in fact, here in Orlando, look no further than Disney World’s Magic Kingdom! The famous gates and castle are one of the nation’s most iconic and celebrated sights, and make for a stunning backdrop! Disney also plans with great detail to accommodate and make photo opportunities all around the park, including bountiful sights such as Space Mountain or Main Street. 

Disney World Epcot

While Epcot is more famed for its colorful and festive World Showcase, it is the attraction to the sides before reaching the lagoon where Epcot truly shines. Stunning flower beds, gardens, pyramids and the iconic Spaceship Earth attraction all make for sights that rival the bigger names here in Epcot, as well as a brief respite from the crowds for a more spacious photoshoot when the country exhibits draw the crowds. 

Universal Studios

All of your favorite film franchises are your backdrop here in Orlando’s most thrilling attraction, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the Fast and Furious franchise, to Kong, to the Jurassic franchise and most famously, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! These immersive and detail-packed corners of the parks are as much of a thrill as it is a memorable and one-of-a-kind photo to take while you’re here in Orlando. 

Disney Resorts

One of Orlando’s secrets is the wide network of resorts and hotels around Disney’s property connected by monorail and bus. These resorts feature stunning interiors and exteriors alike, as well as many of their own attractions to boast, with much detail making these worthwhile stops of their own. For those with a longer stay in Orlando, the resorts are a great (and cost effective!) way to tour the beautiful, less trodden paths of Disney and also suit a number of photography projects. We recommend the Grand Floridian for those formal photoshoots, a grand establishment much in the flair and style of the Floridian South.

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