Our Favorite Places to Sleep Under the Stars Around Orlando, Florida

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Orlando. This Floridian capital of entertainment brings millions from around the world to pack its amenities, between empires of amusement parks, charming neighborhoods, and rapid growth. And for all the excitement here, between dazzling shows, thrilling rides, and intricate parks, one might be left to wonder upon the outdoorsy options in the area. Thankfully, Orlando has so much in store, and year-round, with the always-sunny climate. Read on for some of our favorite places for outdoors activities, camping, and sleeping under the stars here around Orlando.

Tibet-Butler Preserve

For those visitors looking for a location to immerse themselves in the emerald and ancient world of Florida’s wilderness, but also not wanting to stray too far from home, allow us to introduce the Tibet-Butler Preserve. This park is a great daytime trip, and allows for your party to be back in time to return to the parks, unwind at the resorts or enjoy the dining options around Colonial Avenue and Dr. Phillips. This is a great choice for those visitors wanting a smaller scale excursion, or for those operating on a tighter itinerary.

Blue Spring State Park 

Come and visit some of Florida’s biggest celebrities right at home, the manatees of the Blue Spring State Park! Whether hiking, swimming, snorkeling, diving, tubing, canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, or sailing, there are countless ways to enjoy the Florida sun and cool waters of this beloved state park. This is also a frequent destination for manatees, and it is not uncommon to be able to swim, sail or walk near these gentle giants.

Cocoa Beach

Just a short drive over to Florida’s Space Coast and visitors can enjoy the night skies here on the calm Atlantic beaches….with a bit of a twist! The proximity to Kennedy Space Center and Merritt Island mean that in addition to nature, recreation on the water and clear night skies also provide for a great place to watch shuttles and rockets blast off from the launch pad! Just as so much of the Orlando area boasts multifaceted attractions, Cocoa Beach and the Space Coast is a great place for visitors to enjoy the famous Florida beaches, nature, the stars and the wonders of NASA’s space missions, just a short drive from Orlando!

Bill Frederick Park

Another option for those travelers who don’t want to stray too far from southwest Orlando and the parks is Bill Frederick Park, a great place to enjoy the greenery and peace of Orange County’s wilderness, just down the street from the Walt Disney World Resort. Here, visitors can enjoy hiking trails, picnicking, fishing, and photography out here in one of the state’s most celebrated lakes, and all just a short trip away from the bustle and sights of Orlando.

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