Best Places to Take Pictures around Philadelphia, PA

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Philadelphia. This proudly unique and historic city has been a center of activity since the beginnings of the nation, and continues this role into the present. From our foundations, through countless episodes of discovery, invention, sport, expression and chapters of American culture, the common spirit of this city is evident in its happenings year round. Make the city of brotherly love your destination, and tour these storied streets with some of our favorite places to take pictures. 

Rocky Statue

Take a picture with one of Philly’s most celebrated heroes, Rocky Balboa! Visitors will delight in a close-up with the champ, groups of all sizes mirroring the pose next to this American icon. This is a great and fun addition to any albums or social media feeds, and is sure to spark conversation about your trip to Philadelphia.

Fountain Street Steps

One of Philadelphia’s quieter but well-loved secrets is the Fountain Street Steps, a gorgeous mural of a staircase accompanied by lush greenery on both sides, and a mini-vacation from your vacation! This is a great canvas for any number of casual shoots for groups of all sizes, and is a colorful and cheerful addition to any albums of your trip.

Love Park

Another one of Philadelphia’s more celebrated attractions is the iconic LOVE sign here in John F. Kennedy Plaza, so much so that this plaza is commonly known as LOVE Park. This famed square rests under the LOVE sign and reflects the city’s commonly touted moniker, and a great stop for all travelers to Philadelphia to mark their stay in a memorable and widely recognisable way.

Bok Bar

For a good view (and food, and drink) over Philly, Bok Bar is a great stop for all parties to get your bearings and a stunning Philadelphia skyline backdrop. This is also a solid option for your party to stop and fuel on delicious drinks and a menu, and with that, a good opportunity for foodies and food photographers to make the most of natural lighting! 

Shofuso Japanese Garden

Enjoy the zen and peace of a Japanese Garden and make this lush corner of Philadelphia your photo’s backdrop, including forests, ponds, streams, bridges, and a Japanese house in the style of the 17th century! This is a great stop for graceful solo photoshoots and the more impromptu shoot, as well as a nice , slower pace addition to any travel itineraries.

Old City

Celebrate the city’s historic heritage here in this old corner of Philadelphia, and make the cobblestone streets and narrow buildings of America’s early past your project’s backdrop. This is a truly unique backdrop special to these earliest beginnings of English settlement in North America, and is a great conversation piece as part of any album.

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