Outdoor activities near Philadelphia PA

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If you are looking for a place where you can read more about the outdoor activities near Philadelphia PA, then you have certainly come to the right place. Perhaps you are a native and feeling like you need some new ideas, or maybe you are just passing through and want to take advantage of being outside while you are here. Either way, we have compiled a small guide below to help you get some ideas.


Get the ultimate boat tour of Philadelphia with Patriot Harbour Lines. Cruise your way up and down the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers on their guided tour and see the city and its skyline from a completely different angle. Seeing the city by boat is an adventure in itself, and is well worth the time. If you prefer, you can charter a private boat instead, and take your own tour for the day doing what you want to do.


Exploring the city doesn’t always have to be on foot, and in fact, it is far more fun by bike anyway. Philly Bike Tours lets you hire bikes and head off in any direction you please, you can also op for their guided tour which may be an eye-opener no matter how long you have lived in the area. Learn the history, and see all the nooks and crannies on two wheels.


One of the best outdoor activities to do in any part of the world is hiking. Hiking allows you to see the beauty of the rea from a different perspective, and it often affords you sights from up high that most people miss out on. Kelly Drive is a hiking trail through the city that is more than nine miles of pure bliss. Situated along the banks of the Schuylkill River, you can see some of the true beauty of the area here, and get some much-needed peace for your mind.


Zoos aren’t just for kids, in fact, oftentimes, it’s not until we get older that we truly appreciate the nature around us, whether that be animals or flora. Philadelphia Zoo provides a great day out for all ages and is the ideal outdoor activity to while away a weekend afternoon. At this zoo, you can see lions, elephants, monkeys, and plenty of other exotic species, as well as ending the day wandering around the stunning 40-odd acre Victorian garden.


Now, you can’t do outdoor activities in Philadelphia and not do at least one that delves into the city’s history. After all, this area has some of the most well-known histories of modern America. Valley Forge os more than 3500 acres of rolling hills, trails, and history. Come here for a bike ride, a picnic, a walk, or to brush up on some of the area’s past. There is also an abundance of monuments, statues, and other features to keep you entertained, and it is definitely a place where you will need to come back time and again to see it all.

The outdoor activities near Philadelphia PA as endless, with just a sample given above. So, get out and find some more, and see which are your favorites.

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