Best Coffee Shops in Phoenix AZ

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If you are looking for the best coffee shops in Phoenix then you have come to the right place. We have done our research and put together a list of the top ones for you, so you can skip the process of wading through the bad ones, and head straight to the ones where you are guaranteed to have a great experience.

A T Oasis Coffee & Tea Shop

The owner, Aisha, brought her passion for good coffee, tea, and food, with her from her home country all the way to this coffee shop in Phoenix. For years she worked hard to set up her own business specializing in serving the best coffee and tea in the city. Well, eight years later she is still going and has built a fantastic reputation. Whatever you order, you will not be disappointed, there are flavors and smells in this coffee shop that will leave you eager to return.

Address: 4613 E Thomas Road

Phoenix, AZ 85018


Azukar Coffee

This coffee shop that is owned by a local couple was started not only as a way to serve excellent food and drinks but also as a way to bring the community together. With coffee being a common theme across many cultures, the couple decided it was the perfect way to connect people in the area. There is a real homely vibe to this place, and the service is just as good as the coffee.

Address: 7246 S Central Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85042

Tres Leches Coffee

This is a gourmet Mexican coffee shop, with the menu being inspired by the owner’s Mexican roots. The menu is diverse and a great way to try something new. They also have an extensive specialty latte menu that includes drinks such as horchata latte, and Mexican iced latte. Tres Leches Coffee has been serving the locals for the last six years and has been very successful despite being the first of its kind.

Address: 1714 W Van Buren St

Phoenix, AZ 85007

Be Coffee + Food + Stuff

With a full-service coffee bar and a selection of rotating beans Be Coffee knows its stuff when it comes to keeping customers satisfied with excellent coffee. As well as coffee, they also have an awesome brunch menu with the food only containing high quality and fresh ingredients. This is an excellent place to stop for a break, and they do an awesome cold brew any time of the day.

Address: 214 E Roosevelt St

Phoenix, AZ 85004


El Charro Hipster Bar and Cafe

This family-run coffee shop focuses on bringing people together through the power of coffee and the art of conversation. They have created a homely atmosphere and encourage customers to take a moment to connect with the people they are with or those around them. As a bonus, all their coffee beans are fair trade, their products are biodegradable, and they promote sustainability in the community. This family is all about helping others as well as serving fantastic food and drink.

Address: 1325 Grand Ave

Ste 4, Phoenix, AZ 85007


There are some fantastic coffee shops in Phoenix, all with their own uniqueness and desire to make the customers happy.

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