Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Phoenix, AZ

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In June 1969, the LGBT patrons of the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, NY, decided that they would no longer take the harassment of the NYPD. They defied the raids and began marching the streets to highlight the injustice and asked for their rights to be acknowledged. It started on a Friday with a small group, and ended on Monday morning with more than two thousand people marching through the streets; this is the weekend where the movement was born.

Now, more than fifty years later Pride Month is celebrated across the globe. You can join in the festivities, and offer support when celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Phoenix, AZ.


Pride committees, volunteers, and organizers work throughout the year to arrange events within cities and towns across the country, and the world to not only remember the past of the pride movement but to also look to the future. Rallies, marches, parades, and festivities are organized throughout June, normally ending with a parade finale on the last weekend of the month. Pride Month has come to be a way for the LGBT community to celebrate achievements as well as building a support network and progression.


Featuring over 150 different entertainers and performances across 6 stages the Phoenix Pride Festival is a huge production. Over 300 different exhibitors attend with a range of food and dining, shops, boutiques, and local community crafts and creations. The festival’s main aim is to raise positive awareness and educate people on issues the LGBT community faces, and help people understand how to change the future. There are keynote speeches and headlines performances from the government, celebrities, and private corporations.


The Phoenix Pride Parade begins at 10.30 am and brings thousands of people together through the streets of Phoenix. The diverse LGBT community marches as one to celebrate the past, the present, and the future of the community. Thousands participate with decorated cars and vehicles, floats, marching bands, and thousands more who walk. With more than fifteen thousand spectators lining the street it is a fun-filled day where everyone is encouraged to express themselves openly and freely. All the money raised during the parade is then used for the Phoenix Pride, and the Pride Community Grants & Scholarships Programs.


Another great show is the Miss and Mister Phoenix Pride Pageant, a community-sponsored event which is supported by local bars, entertainers and venues in and across the city. If crowned the winner you will become the face of pride for the duration of your reign, promoting events within the community, state, and country being a role model of raising awareness for the LGBT community.

As you can see celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Phoenix, AZ, is a great way to meet new people, educate yourself on the history and issues the community faces, and be part of the way forward. And with parties, festivals, parades and more on every corner, you can be sure you will have a ton of fun too.

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