How Not to Look Like a Tourist in Phoenix, Arizona

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How Not to Look Like a Tourist in Phoenix, Arizona

The key is to stay invisible. Look like a local, visit hole in the wall destinations that only the locals know about, dress like a resident, and fly under the radar while visiting cities you are not from. Looking like a tourist is one of the worst things you can possibly do when visiting a new city. Locals roll their eyes in shame, and your traveling experience is tainted by unnecessary stressors. All of which can be avoided with the proper knowledge and research. Luckily for you, this article has all you will need to know for how not to look like a tourist in Phoenix, Arizona. With information on how to dress, when to visit, what restaurants to eat at, and basic knowledge that will help you fit in like a local. Looking like a tourist is a thing of the past with articles like this one that will help all fly under the radar and enjoy their travels with ease. No more looking like a tourist. Feel free to follow the links provided in this article to further your planning. Safe travels.

Fit in and Do Not Stand Out

Here are some essential facts, tips, and tricks to look like a seasoned traveler that has been to Phoenix before and knows what they are doing. 

Water Consumption

First and foremost, drink your water! Be prepared for hot summer days and endless sunshine. The weather is warm and most likely you will be partaking in many outdoor events. Drink plenty of water and do not be neglectful to your betterment. Many tourists underestimate their need for extra water consumption when in Phoenix. 

When to Visit

November through April are the best months to visit Phoenix due to the best weather patterns. With highs ranging from 60s to low 80s these months are perfect for outdoor events and exploring the city.

Where to Stay

Of course, the first thing we think about is a hotel. However, hotels are hot spots for tourists and can become a huge nuisance to deal with. Instead, plan differently. Airbnb has plenty of off the grid options that allow for a homier stay and better privacy. Here are a couple options that are available in the city of Phoenix. 



Rules for Outdoor Conduct

Do not feed the animals, do not deface sacred lands, and do not disrespect the land. Phoenix is a beautiful place and has many unique landscapes that the locals all love and adore. Do not stand out and be the tourist that takes from the land. Instead, walk with a light footprint and admire the beauty in a way that does not hurt it. Pick up your trash when camping and enjoy your visit while also being mindful of the great wilderness that Arizona has to offer.

Here are some great hiking spots and camping opportunities that the locals love to plan. 

Cave Creek Regional Park

South Mountain Park/Preserve

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