Best Places to Take Pictures around Phoenix, AZ

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Phoenix. Between the Sonoran Desert, low mountain ranges and rapid growth, this southwestern city only gets more exciting with every year. Between an increasingly young and diverse population and breathtaking landscapes, there’s something for everyone here in the Valley of the Sun. So whether you’re a visiting tourist, returning to see friends and family or a curious local, read on for our favorite places to take photos and capture the highlights of your trip around Phoenix, and get ready to explore!

Dobbins Lookout

Enjoy the view over Phoenix and Arizona here at this iconic attraction, a striking observation point of a number of stone shaded lookouts providing views in all directions. This is great for landscape and nature photographers, as well as suitable for families and solo projects alike, showing to all in great fashion that in fact, you were here in Arizona! 

Papago Park and the Desert Botanical Garden

We’ve put these two together due to their proximity, Papago Park is another of these lookouts over Phoenix celebrating the natural beauty of Arizona, while also making for a great viewpoint and project on its own. The Desert Botanical Garden is a further celebration of the natural beauty of this state, showcasing its native variety of flora in a colorful and lush backdrop sure to make the most of any photography project.

Diving Lady Sign at the Starlite Motel

This celebrated sight of Americana is a great postcard addition to your visit to Phoenix, a stunning view in the Arizona night and a worthwhile companion to the local palms. This is a great backdrop or a subject in itself, and is a great introduction to this side of the Phoenix Metro’s heritage.

Phoenix Zoo

Take a picture with some of Phoenix’s most eccentric personalities, the animals of the Phoenix Zoo! Here visitors can catch a conversation-starting selfie with giraffes, lions, cheetahs, baboons, rhinos, zebras, elephants, tigers and Komodo dragons among others. There is also the elusive cameo from the dozens of other species resident here, and a number of immersive footpaths and gardens that make for even more great photo opportunities! For your party, make your day at the Phoenix Zoo for a day of attractions, sights, memories and photos galore.

Japanese Friendship Garden

Find your zen and unwind here in this verdant and peaceful corner of Phoenix, the Japanese Friendship Garden! Among footpaths, streams, ponds, gardens and a tea house, this is a great shoot for casual purposes, especially for solo projects and couples.

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