Our favourite ways to spend summer in Phoenix, AZ

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In Phoenix, there is a union of Western, Mexican and Native American cultures that find a unique balance in the sun-drenched landscape. Its dramatic landscapes and growing activity has seen a recent boom in population, today a Metropolis of nearly five million. Between its history, rich heritage, distinct neighbourhoods and phenomena, Phoenix’s character continues to inspire. Read on for some of our favourite ways to spend the summer in the Valley of the Sun. 

Heard Museum

The Heard Museum is a special experience for those in the Phoenix area, as one of the largest missions dedicated to the advancement of Native American art and expression. Ran in close tandem with the Native Nations and Tribes of Arizona and the United States, the Heard Museum is a unique opportunity to see how these communities articulate themselves in profound beauty. Across the campus of the Heard Museum, you can find Indigenous Artwork from around the globe, one of the largest private collections of Native American dolls, the tragic story of boarding schools and the Native American community, the records and work of George Catlin, and reflections into the lives of the Native American Southwest. At times the Museum also hosts seminars and lectures on a variety of topics involving the Native American community. 

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

A half hour’s drive from Downtown Phoenix, is a very fun way to escape the Arizona sun- Six Flags Hurricane Harbor! Sink into cool, calming waves over three hundred kilometres inland at Hurricane Bay and Paradise Island, or float down the Adventure River.  For groups and families, enjoy the thrills together in the Big Kahuna, Tornado or Mammoth Falls. Teams of two can take on the Anaconda, or compete against each other in Wahoo Racers, Anaconda, Bonzai Pipelines or the Bahama Blaster. For younger travellers, there is Coconut Bay, and multiple Splash Park / Playgrounds that take the refreshment a little less intensely. We recommend plenty of sunscreen for this trip!

Phoenix Fan Fusion

Phoenix Fan Fusion is a gathering of everything Pop Culture, from horror to anime, manga, animation, video games, card and tabletop competitions, novels, tv shows and cinema. Every year in the early summer, enthusiasts of these genres come together to enjoy their interests in company and get exclusive chances at Celebrity Panels, tournaments and travelling vendors. Some of the famous faces that have appeared at Phoenix Fan Fusion include Stan Lee, Danny Glover, Jason Momoa, Karen Gillan, Danny Trejo, Adam Savage and George Takei.

Downtown Phoenix Fourth of July

Celebrate America’s birthday with the people of Phoenix and enjoy music, shows, good food and fireworks. Nothing better exemplifies Phoenix’s sense of community than this once-a-year event, and is open to all. Catch the Diamondbacks ball game before the fireworks, stop by Lake Pleasant for the gathering of Food Trucks and inflatable rides, or just enjoy an All-American night of live music and Fourth of July fare in the town. Phoenix’s sense of sharing and celebration makes the city a great place to spend the Fourth of July.

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