Flower Gardens in Phoenix, AZ

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Phoenix. A beautiful city also known as the “Valley of the Sun.” Phoenix is also known for its year-round warmth and sunshine, its modern architecture, the city’s famous sports teams, and its wide array of things to do. The city of Phoenix exudes excitement! A wonderful idea while you are exploring the city during the seasons of spring and summer is escaping the urban environment and surrounding yourself with the beautiful colors and smells of the season by visiting the city’s flower gardens. With that being said, the city of Phoenix offers numerous garden centers that will help you make a seamless transition into the warmer seasons of the year. Let’s explore the city of Phoenix and find out the best flower gardens that you should check out. 

Boyce Thompson Arboretum 

If you are looking to spend some time in one of Arizona’s most vast and historic flower gardens, the Boyce Thompson Arboretum is the place for you. In fact, the Boyce Thompson Arboretum is the largest and oldest botanical garden in all of Arizona. As soon as you set foot in this lovely garden, you will understand just that, all you have to do is follow the 1.5 mile long trail called the Main Trail to understand just how vast the Boyce Thompson Arboretum truly is. The Main Trail will take visitors through four different gardens and more, offering the Demo Garden, the Cactus Garden, the Legume Garden, the Wallace Desert Garden, a greenhouse, and an Australian exhibit. 

The Boyce Thompson Arboretum also offers an additional 13 acres of land that is devoted to a large collection of around 6,000 different plants that were actually relocated to this garden from H.B. Wallace’s own private garden. The Boyce Thompson Arboretum won’t have you walking away from its botanical gardens empty handed either, with gift shops on standby and even an annual plant sale, so you can make this garden a part of your very own. The Boyce Thompson Arboretum also offers both guided bird tours and wildflower tours, but you are invited to explore this expansive garden at your own wim. Visit the Boyce Thompson Arboretum and explorer Arizona’s largest and oldest botanical garden. 

Desert Botanical Garden 

Another garden that you need to visit during your stay in the city of Phoenix would be the Desert Botanical Garden. Located on 140 acres of land, the Desert Botanical Garden has plenty to offer. The Desert Botanical Garden has been around since the year of 1937 and holds special events such research initiatives, workshops, and special activities. The Desert Botanical Garden also hosts an annual plant sale so you can take part of the garden with you and make it a part of your garden at home. There are plenty of trails to explore, such as the lovely Harriet K. Maxwell Desert Wildflower Loop Trail or the Sonoran Desert Nature Loop Trail. Whether you are visiting the Desert Botanical Garden to explore, learn, or sight see, the Desert Botanical Garden will be sure to satisfy. 


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