The Best Parks of #Phoenix

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Don’t have a lot of money but you want to get out of the house? See nature? Have fun? Go on a walk? Have a picnic? Let’s check out the best parks in Phoenix. This city is known as the Valley of the Sun, however, there are also some gems of nature in this city and you’ll be happy to visit them all.

Papago Park

This park boasts sweeping vistas of red sandstone formations all around, making it one of the must-see parks in all of the Phoenix area. If you’re in town, you’ll definitely want to visit this park at least once for the glory of it. This park is home to the Hole in the Rock as well as Hunt’s Tomb. If you climb the sandstone, you’ll get a glorious view of the downtown Phoenix skyline, as well as take in the beauty of a desert sunset. This park also houses the Phoenix Zoo as well as the Desert Botanical Gardens. Whatever your taste for visiting the sights of Phoenix, Papago Park is your one-stop shop.

Japanese Friendship Garden

The Japanese Friendship Garden is located in downtown Phoenix. This park is deliciously peaceful for anyone who is overwhelmed with the chaos of everyday life. Dedicated to bringing the beauty of Japan to the acrid desert, this garden is lush with Japanese flora native to Japan, and also boasts Japanese art and sculptures created by various Japanese artists. Of course, they have a pond dotted with koi fish and tea ceremonies on site. If you’re looking for a tranquil and lovely day in the city of Phoenix, the Japanese Friendship Garden is the perfect choice.

South Mountain Park

This park is massive, with over 17,000 acres, making it the largest park in the entire United States. If you’re looking for an adventurous hike, Camelback Mountain and Superstition Mountain are waiting for you to conquer them. If you take the time to climb South Mountain, you’ll enjoy amazing views of the city as well as the horizon, where you can sit and watch the sunset if you so choose. Petroglyphs are located on South Mountain, carved by the Hohokam Indians hundreds of years ago, as well as stone structures they built around the mountainside. Picnic tables and BBQ grills are available everywhere you look, making South Mountain Park the perfect place for that BBQ picnic. Come on down and have a blast in this park.

Dreamy Draw Recreation Area

If you want to experience the Arizona desert in all its beauty and fullness, look no further than Dreamy Draw. With its mountain peaks and hidden valleys, Dreamy Draw is the perfect place to experience the local wildlife, such as coyotes, lizards, snakes, and all kinds of sagebrush for miles. You’ll enjoy dirt trails for hiking or biking, as well as some paved trails for the less adventurous adventurers. Here and there you’ll find quiet picnic areas where you’ll be able to enjoy the stillness and serenity of the open desert. Phoenix is dry but delightful and you won’t regret exploring all of her local parks.  

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