Outdoor activities near Phoenix AZ

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Spending time doing outdoor activities can be both great for your mental and physical health, and taking care of yourself is more important than ever. Taking part in all kinds of adventurous outdoor activities is a standard affair in Pheonix, with the great weather and ample space allowing for an endless amount of outdoor fun. We have put together a short list below of some of the best outdoor activities near Phoenix AZ so you can get out and join in.


Why not jump straight into the deep end of outdoor activities, with the states only guided bike tour through the valley of the sun. Brace yourself, you’ll be in for a tough ride at times, but you’ll also get to have an experience that few other people will have had. Fat bikes are used, and local trails are always kept to, so you can be sure that your biking will always be stable even if you are a beginner, and you’ll always be safe in the valley.


This place has previously been named as the best off-road experience in the world, but don’t just take their word for it, check them out and see if you have the adventure of a lifetime. These off-road tours allow you to explore the rocky desert in style in off-road vehicles, see some of the most spectacular views in the state, and even include a firearms adventure if you want.


There really are more outdoor adventures to be had near Phenix than most other places in the country. The great outdoors is truly appreciated here and there are so many options for activities and tours. One such tour is Arizona Outdoor Fun where you can ride in ATV and UTV’s on-road, off-road, or even through valleys and water creeks. Take a tour of some of the greatest outdoor areas near the city.


Within 130 acres of Cold Water Canyon, you’ll find Canyon Creek Ranch. A vast expanse of open land surrounded by more than 70,000 acres of National Monument Land. Being at the Ranch means you are in the perfect place to explore the mountains, the Agua Fria River, the extensive hills, and miles of the desert waiting to be explored.


You might want to sit this one out if you are scared of heights, but if you love being in the air, then this is one of the absolute best outdoor activities you can do near Pheonix. Soar through the sky in a hot air balloon and see the city and surrounding areas from a completely different viewpoint. The views are breath-taking, and this is an outdoor activity that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Before you get stuck thinking that Arizona is just one big desert, take part in a few of the outdoor activities near Pheonix and see how stunning this landscape truly is, you won’t be disappointed.

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