Best Local Virtual Workouts in Portland to Get the New Year Started Right

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Does recent holiday overindulgence have you starting to think about kick-starting your workout routine for the new year? Whether you’re regretting how all those extra slices of pie have your pants fitting a little more snugly or just want to get healthier, making a commitment to working out is always a great New Year’s Resolution. 

It can be especially hard to stay motivated to getting fit during a pandemic when many gyms are either closed or don’t feel as safe as they used to. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of Portland-based gyms and trainers that are offering virtual workouts. Check them out so that you can be the best version of you in 2021! 

Best Free Virtual Workout

Lincoln City Parks and Rec

Times are hard right now, with the pandemic taking a major toll on the economy. If you’re being budget-conscious, the good news is there are great free virtual workouts in Portland! Get started at the Youtube channel of nearby Lincoln City’s Parks and Recreation department. They have different follow-along yoga flows, stretching routines, and workout classes posted, plus other healthy living videos you can watch.

Best Paid Virtual Workout

NW Dance Project

Of course, if you can afford to pay for workouts, you’ll be helping to stimulate the economy and supporting the livelihoods of fitness instructors and gym owners. A great studio to support is the NW Dance Project. They moved all adults and kids dance classes online in mid-November. Dancing is a great way to break a sweat and have some fun at the same time!

Best Live Virtual Workout

StudioX Fitness

One of the things many people miss about in-person exercise classes is the feeling of community and accountability that they foster! You’ll get that, and then some, by signing up for live virtual personal training sessions with StudioX Fitness. Sessions with your trainer will last about 50 minutes and you’ll receive individual attention and customized workout plans to take your fitness to the next level.

Best Recorded Virtual Workout

Forge Hot Yoga

One consistent throughout this pandemic has been that nothing is consistent. If you’re not sure you can commit to working out at specific days and times, you’ll want pre-recorded classes that you can do at any time. Get your fix at Forge Hot Yoga, whose online library includes not only hot yoga classes, but also hot Pilates and HIIT classes. So, turn up your thermostat a few degrees, unroll your mat, and hit subscribe!

Best Unique Virtual Workout


If you’re getting sick of crunches, push-ups, and jumping jacks, it’s probably time to switch up your workout routine. Mixing up your workout is really important to keep things fun and interesting, help you avoid burnout, and challenge your body in new ways. To try something fun and new, virtually visit FUEL Yoga Workouts. These unique flows combine the best of vinyasa yoga with free weights and cardio segments for a varied and challenging class. You can subscribe to their livestream classes, which are available for 24 hours after the original stream time. 

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