Ebike Rentals in Portland, Oregon

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Electric bikes, or ebikes, have had a rocky history in Oregon. Up until recently, ebikes were classified as a moped and needed to be registered and insured. However, that has now become obsolete and they are classified by state law as a normal bicycle. This means ebikes can be ridden on public streets and bike paths. Oregon previously had a law on the books that motorized vehicles could not be ridden on state park trails, but that has been rescinded for ebikes and they are now allowed on all bike paths in the state. Anyone 16 years or younger must wear a helmet while operating an ebike.

If you’re staying in Portland, we have a couple of great rental suggestions. First, we have Pedego Portland which has three different ebikes to choose from. Their rental fees are as follows:

Premium: $20 per hour / $100 per day

Tandem: $25 per hour / $100 per day

Mountain: $30 per hour / $125 per day

This shop also sells ebikes, so if you’re in the market for one, they can help you!

Another shop would be The Ebike Store, which is by appointment only. The Ebike Store allows for three options for rent, to the end of the day for $70, to the end of the next day for $140, or until the end of the following day after that for $198. If you find that you absolutely love your ebike and would like to purchase it, all rental fees will go toward the price of purchase. Reservations must be made online.

Where would you ride your rented ebike? We have a few excellent choices for you. The Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail is a glorious option. This bike path winds through the wilds of Oregon and shows off all the glory this state has to offer. Green woods, babbling brooks, and the very scenic Columbia River down which Lewis and Clark traveled, you absolutely do not want to miss this trail! It is 13.4 miles long and its surface is asphalt. This trail is easy as well as breathtaking.

Another fabulous trail is the Banks-Vernonia State Trail. This path is surrounded by forest and travels a few bridges over wide ravines. At 22.7 miles long, this is the trail you want to take if you have all day to ride. The surface is asphalt, and the path is easy. There is plenty of shaded and sunny areas through which to ride, and you’ll lose yourself in the quiet majesty of nature and be delighted at various Oregon wildlife.

Both of these trails have something different to offer, whether you want to bike near the river or in the foothills. Rent an ebike today and go on an exciting new adventure!

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