Outdoor activities near Portland OR

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Portland has a lot to offer locals and tourists, with lots of bustling amazing outdoor activities that can appeal to anyone’s tastes and interests. Here are a few of our favorite outdoor activities near Portland OR that you can enjoy alone, with family or friends.


One of the most popular outdoor activities in Portland is Pedal Bike Tours. With a range of tours available both in groups or in private you can choose a cycling adventure catered to your ability and to see some of the gorgeous scenery Portland OH has to offer, a truly unforgettable experience. You can opt to take a more scenic route or a city cycling tour, depending on what you want to see the most, adapting this activity to you and your group’s taste.


If you are a bit of a connoisseur or simply enjoy a nice glass on social occasions you will find a Wine Country Tour perfectly tailored for your needs. With a range catered to enthusiasts and some more for social days out with friends, it really is a great chance to let your hair down and enjoy a hearty glass or two of superb wine.


Are you a bit of a thrill-seeker? Enjoy trying something new and different? Then perhaps Jetboat Excursions are just up your street. Voted as one of the best Boat Tours & Water Sports in Portland it is a great way to get the adrenaline flowing whilst enjoying this beautiful area in a different but exciting way. It is definitely a wild ride so you had better hold on tight.


Sea to Summit is a group that provides you with informative but also super fun and exciting experiences in Portland and Oregon. They have on offer a huge range of activities that include things like white water rafting, winery tours, sightseeing and nature tours with guides and routes planned for you, hitting the coast for some surfing lessons, taking on a hiking trip, or even heading into the mountains for up the ski shuttles. You really will find a package that caters to anyone’s needs.


This popular park is a family favorite, situated in the southwest of Portland, it is easily accessible by public transport and a wonderful place to enjoy a picnic. There are miles and miles of trails available that you can plan out or take a wander depending on your mood. It is also home to a beautiful tranquil Japanese garden and if all that wasn’t enough you will even find Washington Park Zoo hidden inside! Seen as the jewel of the city you won’t be disappointed when you can take in the sparkling city night lights or the breath-taking view of Willamette, Mt Hood.

As you can see Portland has a huge range of activities that anyone can enjoy. If you are looking for an outdoor escape, we know you will find a special way to spend your day.

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