Sustainable Travel in Portland, Oregon

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Welcome to the most popular city in Oregon! Oregon is a beautiful state that has tons of outdoor attractions and Portland is the perfect destination for those seeking city life and nature at the same time. If there is any city that understands the perfect balance between city events and natural attractions, it’s Portland. Pack some warmer clothes because the city is known for cloudy days and occasional rain, which is why the city has some of the most beautiful arrays of natural green beauty mixed in with its grey concrete buildings that touch the clouds. With a city that is surrounded by nature, it is easy to see that Portland tends to keep its impact low and keep its environment alive. Finding sustainable attractions and businesses to support is easy within Portland, and in this article, there will be many options listed for you to make that search even easier. Here are some great tips and tricks that are eco-friendly and a huge benefit to the green city of Portland, Oregon. Feel free to explore the options listed here and follow the links provided to further your planning for your great adventure to Portland.

Leave the Car at Home

Leave the car at home and choose some eco-friendly ways of traversing the city. Portland has some of the most walkable streets in the world and honestly, there is no better way to see the city than to walk, bike, or scooter around the streets. You’d honestly miss most of the beauty of the city if you chose to drive. With endless options for electric bike and scooter share companies, the choice to travel green within the city is so much easier than paying money for gas or an uber. There are many options such as Lime, Bird, and Bike share companies that are spread throughout the city that are as easy as downloading an app and hopping on the electric device with no worries. For more information about what apps to download and to find out more about the ease of traveling the city in an eco-friendly manner please follow the links below.



Bike Share:

Portland Japanese Gardens

Located in the Hills of Portland lies a great oasis for the green traveler to reconnect back to nature. One of the most beautiful and peaceful attractions in Portland that offers much more than a nature preserve. Make sure to pack a camera and some food for a picnic because once you are within the gardens, you will not want to leave all day. Time becomes irrelevant and nature helps dissolve all previous worries. There are trees everywhere and flowers that make the gardens smell like heaven. Take a shuttle or rent one of the electric transportation devices listed above to reach the destination. For more information about the Portland Japanese Gardens please follow the link below. This destination is a must-see for all who wish to give back to the planet through sustainable traveling!

Mt. Hood

About a two-hour drive outside of town is the perfect destination for those seeking to do some night skiing and snowboarding. Mt. Hood is one of the few mountains that allows skiers and snowboarders to enjoy the activity not just during the daytime but also at night where the slopes are lit, and the fun never ends. If you haven’t skied down a mountain during the night, then this is a huge bucket list item for you to scratch off the list of insane things to do in your lifetime. If skiing and snowboarding are not your strong suit, then enjoy some simple snowshoe activities that the whole family will enjoy. The snow activities are only available when there is snow which is usually from November-April. For more information, please follow the link below.

Sustainable Eateries and Breweries

Bar West

Where the food is locally sourced, and the ingredients are organic. In Portland, there are many options for food and drinks that are sustainably sourced and made for the enjoyment of those seeking eco-friendly businesses to support. Enjoy some amazing food and drinks from Bar West that will quench your hunger and thirst and also support the environment. Located on 1221 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209. For more information, please follow the link below that will take you to their website. Explore the organic menu and choose to support a business that supports the planet and environment.

Noble Rot

A restaurant that is driven by fine wines and ingredients from their rooftop garden. The choices for sustainable eating and drinking have never been better! Noble Rot is a sophisticated eatery that has a talented staff that uses ingredients from their rooftop garden to create sustainable and organic menu items for all to enjoy. The restaurant uses water from an 8000-year-old glacier well and grows all of its fresh produce right on top of its roof. With a mission to save the ecosystem and serve the wonderful city of Portland, this restaurant is the best choice for the green traveler. For more information, please follow the link below.

Portland, Oregon makes it easy and comfortable to travel with an eco-conscious mind. Not only are we provided the chance to enjoy the city to its fullest, but we are surrounded by choices that save the environment and give back to the community. Sustainable travel habits and the ability to be eco-conscious are a choice. When visiting these cities to enjoy their beauty and environment we must begin to make choices that keep these cities alive and healthy. In today’s world, we have the technology and funding behind choices that allow every consumer and tourist to travel sustainably and give back to these cities. The world is our home, and we must take care of it if we want to continue traveling and enjoying the beauty of our most beloved cities. Travel green and plan your trips with an eco-conscious mind. The choice of sustainable travel is one that not only benefits you but the whole world.

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