Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Queens, New York

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New York City is richly diverse in its history, its culture, and its food; if you are on a budget, there are so many places that you can get some classic New York dishes for only a few dollars that still taste great, but if you are celebrating something special and have a bigger budget, then you also have a huge amount of options for having a fine-dining experience. In order to help you decide where you want to go if you have a celebration coming up or just fancy treating yourself, we have listed a few of the best Michelin star restaurants near Queens, New York.

Agern, Manhattan

Next, to Grand Central Station, you will find Agern, a one Michelin star restaurant providing Nordic cuisine; all the food is made usually fresh ingredients so the menu has seasonal changes throughout the year. Icelandic chef, Gunnar Gislason, makes delicate and satisfying food bringing a taste of Scandinavia straight to New York. The food is made using traditional cooking techniques, staying true to the Nordic history, with a little modern twist when it comes to the flavors. Agern is the perfect restaurant to visit if you want to try something completely different, you may well go through the whole evening eating many dishes or ingredients that you have never eaten before, but we can guarantee that by the end of the night you will not be able to choose your favorite. The interior of the restuarant is aesthetically pleasing, with the decor and materials used are from Danish-inspired architecture. The bar area of the restaurant allows for walk-ins, the dining room, however, does not so check out their website to book your reservation, and see the eye-opening food you could be experiencing –

Aldea, Manhattan

For an impressive seven years, Aldea has held on to a one Micheline star award, among a host of other awards and accolades acknowledging this restaurant’s high standard fine-dining status. Head chef and owner, George Mendes, is an Ameican born to Portuguese parents, and this is exactly where he takes his inspiration. Aldea is Portuguese cuisine based on the concept of fresh ingredients, and simple preparation is all you need. The menu is full of all traditional and classic Portuguese tastes, including seafood, Iberian cured hams, and of course, egg custard tarts. Each mouthful of food is packed with flavors and Mendes combines traditional food with modern cooking perfectly. As expected Aldea is reservation only but you can make your booking here –

L’Appart, Manhattan

L’Appart is so deliciously brilliant, that even those who don’t eat French cuisine would be booking a table to return. Head chef, Nicolas Abello, has earned his restaurant a one Micheline star award for the last several years, and it is truly deserved. Abello gets it right every time, the richness of the flavors and the taste of France are everywhere. Abello also changes the menu frequently to keep the food fresh and so that diners have a different experience each time they visit. L’Appart feels like more than just a restaurant, it is an intimate experience where you are made to feel like you are at home the moment you step inside; the open kitchen and personal dining experience make for the perfect evening. L’Appart is a wonderful place that is reasonably priced for the quality of food you are served, head to their website to make your booking –

It is never easy choosing where to eat when there are so many great options available, fortunately with New York, it doesn’t matter where you choose, you will always have a sublime dining experience.

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