Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Queens, New York

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Not many cities in the world do fine-dining quite as New York does, it really stands a cut above the rest in so many respects, and it is clear to see why the city is simply bursting with Michelin rated restaurants. In particular, in an around Queens; here you have option after option of Michelin star restaurants, so to make it easier for you to choose, we have put together a list of a few of the best rated Michelin restaurants in order to help you.

Café Boulud, Manhattan

Owner and head chef, Daniel Boulud, has brought the finesse and tradition of French cuisine to America and has done so at an impeccably high standard for the last twenty-one years, of which, more than half this time it has been a one Michelin star restaurant. Boulud works alongside a team of highly skilled chefs in order to produce food that is creative, exciting, and full of flavor. The restaurant has several menus available depending on what time of the day you want to eat, although given that the menu follows the seasons, this is also prone to change; it is also possible that the menu can change from one day to the next because Boulud takes great pleasure in having fun with cooking, and experimenting. Boulud also has an extensive wine list containing about 800 varieties, but do not worry, just ask the staff if you need a recommendation. Café Boulud is a special place, that gives you a nice feeling even just by sitting inside, it is not to be missed so reserve your table on their website –

Casa Enrique, Queens

Currently holding the title of being the only Michelin restaurant in Queens, Casa Enrique has a lot to prove, but this place deserves its one-star award. Serving authentic and mouthwatering Mexican cuisine, Casa Enrique uses classic cooking techniques, inspired by the chef’s mother, to produce the finest and most traditional food. Their menu is full of all the classics that people love, and a few daily specials too, which they also replicate with their famous cocktail menu. Casa Enrique is extremely reasonably priced, which means you get a fine-dining experience without breaking the bank. You can read more about their story and see the tantalizing menu on their website –

The Clocktower

While it may be a little uncommon, this one Michelin star restaurant, serves up British cuisine. Situated on the second floor of the Edition Hotel, the Clocktower was the result of a collaboration between an American restauranteur, and a British chef. The inside itself is spilt into a bar, a dining room, and a billiard room, which is worth the visit alone. There are lots of British classics on the menu, such a fish and chips, with, of course, a Michelin twist, but there are also a few dishes that are influenced by other parts of Europe, making for a creative and eclectic mix on the menu. The Clocktower is a real treat, not just because of its status, but simply because it is so beautiful, so elegant, and so different. An evening at the Clocktower is one to remember and a great representation of British flair. You must make a reservation, but you can do this on their website –

The streets of New York City are overflowing with delicious food and fine-dining experiences, so whether you are a resident or a traveler, do not miss the opportunity to have that experience at least once during your time there; you will be astonished at how eye-opening food can be when it is prepared by some of the world’s best chefs.

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