What to Do at the Zoo in Queens, New York

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Looking for something new and fun to do after flying into La Guardia? Why not check out the Queens Zoo? Pricing for admission is as follows. For adults 13 and up, $9.95. For children between the ages of 3-12, $6.95. For Seniors 65 and up, $7.95. Tickets must be reserved online for a specific time, as the zoo regulates the amount of people within its gates. Alternately, you can become a member and enjoy year-round free tickets. For an Individual package, it is $75. For a Couple’s package, it is $140. For a family of 2 adults and 4 children, it is $170. Zoo hours are between 10am-4:30pm. The last entry into the zoo is allowed at 4pm.

The Queens Zoo is home to many exotic and domestic animals. For your enjoyment, they have an aviary full of all kinds of birds from macaws to egrets to conures and quail. Fabulously colored feathers and beauty abounds in the aviary, sure to be the favorite of children of all ages.

The sea lion pool is also a crowd favorite, as no one knows quite what these sea lions will be up to on any given day. They might play with their keepers catching frisbees or bounce a ball between them, but one thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment when the sea lions are about! You might even be lucky enough to watch as they’re fed (and fight over) all the fish in the water.

On the Animal Trail, you’ll encounter several of North America’s greatest offerings, such as the Canadian Lynx, the Bald Eagle, the American Bison, the Andean Bear, along with Pumas, Elk, and coyotes. You definitely do not want to miss the beauty of these diverse creatures and learn about their natural habitats as well as how the zoo cares for them and their wild counterparts across the country.

Don’t forget the domestic animals who also call the zoo home. Where else can you see a Texas Longhorn in Queens? Or a Flemish Giant Rabbit that weighs upwards of 20lbs? Or a four-horned sheep? Even the famed “Belted Galloway” cows are on the agenda in the domestic animal exhibits. These are the cows that resemble Oreo cookies with their black and white coloring. Delight the kids by taking them around the farm and showing them animals they don’t usually see in the big city.

There’s so much to see at the Queens Zoo that you’ll be happy you went on a brand-new adventure. Masks are required at the zoo to be worn properly over the nose and mouth for everyone 3 years old and up. Don’t forget to stay safe and be responsible. Come on down to the Queens Zoo today and experience the wonder of these precious creatures who share the planet with us and have a great time to boot!

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