Where To Eat and Drink at John F Kennedy International Airport

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John F. Kennedy International Airport is one of the world’s busiest airports. Located in the heart of Queens borough, just 15 miles from the town of Manhattan, the airport primarily serves commercial flights.

All said, dining in an airport can be a rough experience. However, the JFK has a variety of options at every terminal. There are more than 70 restaurants and bars to stop over at this airport.

Here are some of the best places to wine and dine in JFK international Airport:

1. Irving Farms

Finding a sensational espresso beverage may be a rare occasion bearing in mind the security’s restricted drink limitations. But Irving’s the exception. They brew their unique drinks using locally baked beans. In terms of food, there is a wide selection of ready-made breakfast meals such as bagels and sandwiches.

2. Deep Blue

Known for preparing raw seafood on site in a cool setting, Deep Blue is one of the most popular restaurants at JFK. Open for the past 30 years, whoever designed it made everything from the future as the place still looks passably modern. If you don’t like raw seafood, then you can order noodle dishes, as well as the tempura.

3. Piquillo Tapas Bar

This may not be your first time to hear about Piquillo Tapas Bar. The joint has a strong reputation as the first tapas bar to be established in America. It’s the best place to pass time with sangria drink on your hand in JFK as you wait for your next flight. The space here may not be enough but consider sitting close to the black wall and you will feel the whole difference.

4. Due Amici

The restaurants are the best place to dine if you have enough time to sit and wait for a freshly prepared pasta and chicken parm. You can have delicious noddles deep in the sauce at Due Amici. The sauces are tasty and have that comforting feel-good quality with each bite.

5. Croque Madame

Many of us would consider a restaurant with ready-made dishes when it comes to looking for a good place to eat. This is where Croque Madame comes in. You’ll be served flavorsome crepes stuffed with spicy or sugary fillings, depending on your preferences. You can as well grab the baguette sandwiches before catching your flight to France.

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