Ebike Rentals in Raleigh, North Carolina

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Electric bikes, also known as ebikes, are a great way to get out and enjoy the day on your stay in Raleigh, North Carolina. Ebikes are bicycles outfitted with an electric motor that assists the rider with pedaling, which makes for any kind of terrain a smooth and easy ride. The state of North Carolina recognizes ebikes as regular bikes, which means they are allowed on public streets as well as any bike path in and around the city. The bike helmet law in North Carolina states that riders 16 years and younger must wear a helmet while riding, but all cyclists are encouraged to wear one.

There are several options to rent an ebike in Raleigh, the first being Pedego Triangle. This shop has three ebikes from which to choose, the Comfort Cruiser, the Interceptor, and the Tandem. Their rental prices are as follows:

Comfort Cruiser: $20 per hour / $55 for 3 hours / $80 for 8 hours

Interceptor: $30 per hour / $80 for 3 hours / $95 for 8 hours

Tandem: $35 per hour / $90 for 3 hours / $115 for 8 hours

These bikes can be booked online.

Another fantastic option is the Raleigh bikeshare program called Citrix Cycle. This program has convenient kiosk stations all across the city making them easy and accessible for renting your ebike. Download the Citrix Cycle app and you’ll have access to their payment stations. Payment prices are $2 for a single trip, or you might purchase a $20 monthly pass. If you’d rather ride for the whole year, an annual membership of $85 is available as well. The Annual Plus Membership is priced at $95 but includes unlimited rides of 60 minutes each!

Now that you have rented your ebike, here are a couple of amazing trails to ride in Raleigh. First, we have the American Tobacco Trail. This trail is 22.2 miles long and consists of both crushed stone and asphalt. This scenic route takes you through wooded areas as well as open, sunny areas and parks. You’ll wonder at both the wilderness and the wildlife on this trail. If you have all day to go for a bike ride, this is your option to immerse yourself in the countryside of North Carolina.

For the rider looking for a shorter, easier bike path, we have the Beaver Creek Greenway at only 2.3 miles long. This path is completely flat asphalt which makes it perfect for novices or older riders. The trail winds through a western suburb of Raleigh, but it manages to make one feel they are in the wilderness as they ride through woods and next to babbling brooks. Don’t miss this quaint little trail.

If you’re looking for something new and fun to do on your stay in Raleigh, come rent an ebike and have yourself an adventure!

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