Noteworthy Places to View Christmas Lights in Raleigh

2020 is finally coming to an end! Before this crazy year comes to a close, we can at least all still have some holiday cheer. Although many holiday traditions are being altered or skipped this holiday season, there is still cheer to be found! In many places, including Raleigh, a festive activity that is still socially-distant is viewing Christmas lights around the town.

Whatever you’re looking for this year, there are multiple options for a festive outing either walking outdoors or driving past in your car. Check out the list below for the top spots to get lost in the twinkle of Christmas lights!

  1. Nights of Lights

This is a new drive-through light show at Dix Park. The Night of Lights is 1.3 miles long that meanders through the park, showcasing lighted trees, holiday displays of light, with local art installations. All of this coupled with the rolling hills, open fields, and towering oaks of Dix Park to set the scene. This runs through December 31.  

For more details see their website: HERE

  1. Cathis Farm

Cathis Farm is proud to present Winter Lights, a holiday event taking place Fridays and Saturdays starting November 27th through December 19th, 2020, as well as Wednesday, December 23rd, Thursday, December 24th, and Saturday, December 26th. It is closed on Christmas Day. Tour this lovely farm for wondrous, blinking holiday light displays, pictures with old Saint Nick, and enjoy bonfires every night. S’mores among other treats are available!

For more details see their website: HERE

  1. Christmas on the Farm

At Christmas on the Farm, you’ll be dazzled from the warmth and comfort of your own car as you drive through this glorious Christmas light display! They feature a live Nativity scene along with a shop called the Craft Barn that sells hand-crafted items. Purchase a snack or other refreshments from the food truck on-site, and celebrate Christmas with your friends and family. Don’t miss this down-home Christmas!

For more information, click: HERE

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Best Local Virtual Workouts in Raleigh to Get the New Year Started Right

Does recent holiday overindulgence have you starting to think about kick-starting your workout routine for the new year? Whether you’re regretting how all those extra slices of pie have your pants fitting a little more snugly or just want to get healthier, making a commitment to working out is always a great New Year’s Resolution. 

It can be especially hard to stay motivated to getting fit during a pandemic when many gyms are either closed or don’t feel as safe as they used to. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of Raleigh-based gyms and trainers that are offering virtual workouts. Check them out so that you can be the best version of you in 2021! 

Best Free Virtual Workout

Perfect Workout Gym

Times are hard right now, with the pandemic taking a major toll on the economy. If you’re being budget-conscious, the good news is there are great free virtual workouts in Raleigh! Get started at the Youtube channel Perfect Workout Gym, based out of nearby Conover, NC. The channel specializes in upbeat dance and Zumba style fitness classes so you can have some fun while breaking a sweat.

Best Paid Virtual Workout

Current Wellness

Of course, if you can afford to pay for workouts, you’ll be helping to stimulate the economy and supporting the livelihoods of fitness instructors and gym owners. Current Wellness is offering a tailored, personalized approach to help you get fit with their telehealth services. Sign up to book an online session with a specialist for personal training or targeted fitness classes.

Best Live Virtual Workout

110 Yoga

One of the things many people miss about in-person exercise classes is the feeling of community and accountability that they foster! One local organization offering live virtual classes is 110 Yoga. You can view the livestream schedule here. It includes multiple flow options like Pilates, core, and strength & balance. 

Best Recorded Virtual Workout

North Raleigh Fit Body Bootcamp

One consistent throughout this pandemic has been that nothing is consistent. So, if you’re not sure you can commit to working out at specific days and times, you’ll want pre-recorded classes that you can do at any time. Get your fix at North Raleigh Fit Body Bootcamp’s Youtube channel. There’s a series of 30+ minute workout classes available for you to play anytime. Better yet, you can do them as a bootcamp-style program for the ultimate Pandemic glow-up!

Best Unique Virtual Workout

Dix Park

If you’re getting sick of crunches, push-ups, and jumping jacks, it’s probably time to switch up your workout routine. Mixing up your workout is really important to keep things fun and interesting, help you avoid burnout, and challenge your body in new ways. To try something fun and new, virtually visit Dorothea Dix Park’s Youtube channel where they have several guided Tai Chi classes posted. You’ll also find other wellness classes in the video library, like yoga flows and guided stillness.

Great Places to Buy Gifts Traveling to Raleigh

The holiday season is upon us! That means family time, cozy nights by the fire, baked goods…and scrambling to buy presents! But here’s an idea for you -save some time by grouping your holiday travel and holiday shopping.

If you’re traveling to Raleigh this holiday season, we’ve compiled a few local stores you absolutely must check out for your holiday gift needs. You’ll get to explore a new place, avoid the online shopping shipping wait, and best yet -by shopping small you’ll be supporting the local economy and small business owners!

Gingham & Posh

Who doesn’t love a thoughtfully put together gift basket? Gingham & Posh has been dedicated to creating stylish gift baskets with beautiful handmade bows since 2006. And, many of the treats they keep on hand to fill the baskets are locally made! You can choose from a huge variety of styles and themes, such as “Holiday Feast” or “A Taste of North Carolina.” The shop currently has slightly shortened hours due to COVID-19, but offers local delivery.

Neuse General Store

If you’re looking for one-stop shopping, then you’d better head to Neuse General Store. This multi-vendor shop has over 3,000 square feet of goods on display! The store seamlessly melds the typically old-school, rural feel of a general store with its urban location and hip offerings. You can browse all sorts of decorative pieces for the home, jewelry, stationary, and more! Many of the pieces provided by the vendors are also vintage or one-of-a-kind.

Lucky Tree

Holiday shopping is made all the more special when you can pair it with a hot chocolate or a peppermint latte to sip as you shop. You can do that at Lucky Tree, a treehouse inspired coffee shop owned by a pair of twin sisters! But Lucky Tree Café and Makers’ Market is so much more than just a coffee shop. Inside, the shop displays artwork and handmade items from more than 50 local artists. And even if you somehow didn’t find a cute gift amongst that selection, you could always make someone’s day by stuffing their stocking with a bag of coffee beans and some delicious pastries.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport

Of course, if your hectic holiday has you rushing straight from the plane to a family gathering, you won’t have time to browse through the boutiques in downtown Raleigh. Don’t worry, Raleigh-Durham Airport has you covered! This massive airport has a ton of options, but here are a few of the great shops you’ll find inside:

·        Corsa Collections, in Terminal 2, has luggage, travel accessories, and jewelry.

·        Ink by Hudson expands on the typical airport Hudson travel mart with its assortment of eclectic books, toys, and gifts.

·        At Trip Advisor, in Terminal 2, you can get fun gifts for people who love to travel.

·        5th and Sunset, in Terminal 2, has sunglasses and watches for every taste -and budget.·        Vintage Vines, in Terminal 2, carries relaxed yet elegant fashions for both women and men

Ebike Rentals in Raleigh, North Carolina

Electric bikes, also known as ebikes, are a great way to get out and enjoy the day on your stay in Raleigh, North Carolina. Ebikes are bicycles outfitted with an electric motor that assists the rider with pedaling, which makes for any kind of terrain a smooth and easy ride. The state of North Carolina recognizes ebikes as regular bikes, which means they are allowed on public streets as well as any bike path in and around the city. The bike helmet law in North Carolina states that riders 16 years and younger must wear a helmet while riding, but all cyclists are encouraged to wear one.

There are several options to rent an ebike in Raleigh, the first being Pedego Triangle. This shop has three ebikes from which to choose, the Comfort Cruiser, the Interceptor, and the Tandem. Their rental prices are as follows:

Comfort Cruiser: $20 per hour / $55 for 3 hours / $80 for 8 hours

Interceptor: $30 per hour / $80 for 3 hours / $95 for 8 hours

Tandem: $35 per hour / $90 for 3 hours / $115 for 8 hours

These bikes can be booked online.

Another fantastic option is the Raleigh bikeshare program called Citrix Cycle. This program has convenient kiosk stations all across the city making them easy and accessible for renting your ebike. Download the Citrix Cycle app and you’ll have access to their payment stations. Payment prices are $2 for a single trip, or you might purchase a $20 monthly pass. If you’d rather ride for the whole year, an annual membership of $85 is available as well. The Annual Plus Membership is priced at $95 but includes unlimited rides of 60 minutes each!

Now that you have rented your ebike, here are a couple of amazing trails to ride in Raleigh. First, we have the American Tobacco Trail. This trail is 22.2 miles long and consists of both crushed stone and asphalt. This scenic route takes you through wooded areas as well as open, sunny areas and parks. You’ll wonder at both the wilderness and the wildlife on this trail. If you have all day to go for a bike ride, this is your option to immerse yourself in the countryside of North Carolina.

For the rider looking for a shorter, easier bike path, we have the Beaver Creek Greenway at only 2.3 miles long. This path is completely flat asphalt which makes it perfect for novices or older riders. The trail winds through a western suburb of Raleigh, but it manages to make one feel they are in the wilderness as they ride through woods and next to babbling brooks. Don’t miss this quaint little trail.

If you’re looking for something new and fun to do on your stay in Raleigh, come rent an ebike and have yourself an adventure!



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