Romantic Spots Near Raleigh, NC

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Raleigh. A beautiful city that is also known as the “City of Oaks.” Raleigh is also known for its beautiful oak trees that line the streets, being part of the Research Triangle area, for being the second most populous city in North Carolina, and its wide array of things to do, the city of Raleigh is a city that exudes excitement! Many people and couples visit cities for a lovely romantic getaway. With this being said, Raleigh boasts multiple romantic things to do that will be sure to not have you and your lover wondering about date ideas! Let’s explore what the city of Raleigh has to offer! 

Lucky Tree 

A great way to start a day full of romance during your romantic getaway at Raleigh, North Carolina, a romantic date at the coffee shop will be sure to jump start you and your significant other’s day of romance. A nice and arty coffee shop that you and your partner should visit would be Lucky Tree. This wonderful little coffee shop is not only a place where you can grab a hot brew, but it is also a local art exhibit where you can even purchase a piece if any speak to you and your sweetheart. If you and your partner are feeling a little bold, Lucky Tree even offers a limited selection of alcoholic beverages to drink as you both plan out what is in store for the day. On certain days, this lovely coffee shop features live performances from local artists that you can sit down and listen to while you both enjoy your frappuccinos. The baked goods that are sold at Lucky Tree are also healthy, made with natural ingredients that will make you feel like your grandmother baked them. Lucky Tree is an excellent place to start each day, with plenty to enjoy, starting each morning of your romantic getaway at Lucky Tree! 

North Carolina Art Museum A wonderful idea that should make every couple’s list when planning a romantic getaway would be a romantic date at the art museum. With that being said, when planning your romantic getaway to Raleigh, North Carolina, the North Carolina Art Museum is a wonderful option. The North Carolina Art Museum is not your typical art museum. The North Carolina Art Museum displays pieces ranging from historical international art to more contemporary art. This art museum also has a 164 acre museum park with trails, woodland, creeks, and works of art throughout, making the North Carolina Art Museum the largest museum park in the United States. This is a fun and romantic place to explore with the art and its trails, this art museum is like no other! 

Lake CrabTree 

A romantic spot for you and your sweetheart to have a picnic would be at Lake CrabTree County Park. This park features an array of activities to do such as boat rentals, a trail that wraps around the lake, and a beautiful view to catch a romantic sunset. Lake CrabTree County Park is a wonderful place for you and your significant other to have a relaxed day and romantic day in the great outdoors!

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