Best Coffee Shops in Sacramento CA

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It will probably come as no surprise that many of the major cities in California have an extremely high ratio of coffee shops to people, and Sacramento is no exception to this. If you love coffee then the idea of having so many options is great, but sometimes when there are too many, it can be hard choosing the right place. Therefore, we are here to help, we have put together a list of the best coffee shops in Sacramento so you don’t have to wade through the bad in order to find the good.

Tiferet Coffe House

From the outside, Tiferet doesn’t particularly stand out (the best ones never do), but once inside you are greeted with warmth, smiles, and a deep and rich smell of roasted coffee. The expansive menu gives everyone plenty of choices and for those with a sweet tooth, they freshly baked pastries and cakes too. This is a small but cozy coffee house, that provides you with a moment to get away from the noise of the outside world and fully immerse yourself in the ambiance and flavors.

Address: 3020 H Street

Sacramento, CA 95816



Savory keep it fresh and simple, there is nothing fancy or pretentious about this place, it is clean, friendly, and high quality. There is not much more you could ask from a cafe, the food is delicious, and the coffee is tasty. As a bonus, the prices are kept at a low rate which can be a rare find in a place like Sacramento. They are well worth a visit and make the list because there is nothing bad that can be said about them.

Address: 2240 Lake Washington Blvd

West Sacramento, CA 95691

Water & Salt

This is the perfect spot to visit if you are looking for something different from the usual settings of a cafe. The owner of Water & Salt has a passion for health, and therefore, opened this place to serve products and drinks that are fresh, healthy and as pure as possible (in particular the water they use which is always purified). This is a great little place to come and relax, and also have a drink that is like no other.

Address: 1620 W Capitol Avenue

West Sacramento, CA 95691


Camellia Coffee Roasted

Named after the Camellia flower, which is one of the things Sacramento is most known for, this coffee house has been impressing the locals for the last three years. The owners, two best friends, came together and combined their skills and experience in the coffee industry in order to create the perfect cup and perfect service. The owners have a passion not only for good coffee but for good customer service too, which is a huge part of the experience. Pop by and taste some of the best coffee in the city.

Address: 1104 R Street

Ste 150, Sacramento, CA 95811


The recommendations above are all guaranteed to be exactly what you want, so you never have to have a cup of tepid weak coffee again.

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