Best Places to Take Pictures around Sacramento, CA

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Sacramento. This proud hub of Northern California quietly boasts ample outdoor activities, charming and independent neighborhoods and a creative melting pot with so much to do year round. Whether you’re a visiting tourist, returning to see friends and family or a curious local, if you’re in Sacramento, read on for some of our favorite spots to take pictures in the area, and get ready to explore!

Park Winters

This Northern California getaway features a variety of gardens, wooded areas, wide fields, views of mountains, rural surroundings, a picturesque pool, and last but not least, the grand Park Winter’s estate. This is more suited to larger groups and more formal projects, hosting large events and gatherings such as weddings. This is one of the Sacramento area’s more majestic faces, and is a thirty minute drive from Sacramento, not too far from the bustle of the city but far enough to offer the peace of the countryside.

Sacramento Zoo

For a more lively and casual attraction, bring your party to the Sacramento Zoo! This is a great opportunity to snap a true conversation starter with some of Northern California’s most eccentric personalities, among capybaras, chimpanzees, orangutans, cheetahs, lions, giraffes, kangaroos and more! Aside from the bountiful selfies, cameos, and solo shoots you can find here, the many festive footpaths around the zoo also make for great stops for large groups and family photos.

Capital Gardens

While the grand front face of the state capital is a noteworthy subject in itself, a lesser known secret of Sacramento are the number of gardens neighboring the capital building, including colorful and stunning showcases of local flora, rose gardens, and commemorative gardens. 

William Land Park

The William Land Park is a great “anytown, U.S.A.” attraction for visitors wanting a casual photoshoot. Great for families and couples, offering plenty of options among its different corners, including lakes, forested areas and gardens, which are great for postcard photos and spacious photoshoots.

University of California, Davis Arboretum

Another one of Sacramento’s better kept secrets is the University of California, Davis campus’s Arboretum, a great getaway from your getaway featuring a number of colorful flowerbeds, forests, and gardens of native and exotic flora. This is a great setting for photography projects of every type, and most famously, featuring a Redwood Grove! This is a solid option to tour some of California and the nation’s most celebrated landscapes in your photo album, all in one place!

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