Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Sacramento, CA

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You will no doubt be familiar with Pride Month, this is usually the month of June, and it is a time where cities and towns all over the world organize events and activities to highlight the inequality that many people in the LGBT community face. Pride Month is a happy affair, but it is there to educate and help others as well as for people to have a good time.

The city of Sacramento is no exception and celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Sacramento, CA, happens in style with a parade, parties, and festivities across the city.


There are huge gatherings, private and public parties, and big events throughout most of the city during June. People are encouraged to wear colorful clothing, wave the Pride flag, and create banners and posters highlighting the achievements of the LGBT community as well as voicing the struggles that are still faced today. Some of the most popular ways for people to enjoy and to celebrate can be found below.


The Pride Parade starts at the Southside Park and weaves through the city streets as it makes its way over to the Festival Grounds, on Capital Mall. The Pride Parade is the biggest event for every city and has tens of thousands of people coming together for the march. Dates can vary by place, but for Sacramento, the parade is normally held on the second Saturday of the month.

The parade itself is free and the festival costs around 10$ to enter with all proceeds used with the LGBT community. Known as a wonderful and inclusive event enjoyed by all throughout the city, celebrating diversity. The festival is also packed with street vendors, so you can top up your drink, grab some food, and pick up a few souvenirs to remember your time here.


Here are a few bars great and lively gay bars and clubs that also have a range of activities and fun nights for you to enjoy over the month of pride, there are tons to choose from but we have put together our top picks for you.


A popular bar, has a super relaxed vibe, with a nice outdoor patio, and serves well-priced drinks.


Welcomes a livelier crowd, drinks, and racy music are enjoyed by all in this popular gay bar.


The well-known gay nightclub has multiple bars with a disco-style dance floor where you can enjoy drag nights and DJ events.

These are just some of the highlights in Sacramento. There are over a huge range of different activities planned throughout pride month, from small events run by locals to big celebrations across the city. The activities are varied, from inspirational speakers, the history of pride, marches, runs, big parties, drag shows, sporting events, and even pageants, there is something for everyone and anyone who wants to take part and show their support of the LGBT community and what they stand for.

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