Electric Bike Rentals in Sacramento, California

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Electric bikes, or ebikes as they are known, are gaining popularity in California. An ebike is a bicycle outfitted with an electric motor, which assists the rider while pedaling. This makes for an almost effortless ride as rough terrain or hills are no longer unsurmountable obstacles. Ebikes are classified in California as a normal bicycle, which means ebikes can go wherever a normal bike can go, on the city streets or any bike path. All children 17 and under must wear helmets, however, according to state law.

Where might you rent yourself an ebike? There are a few options in Sacramento. Our first suggestion would be Practical Cycle Transportation Company. This shop has an electric bike available for rent from $15 to $20 an hour with a 2-hour minimum, and from $60 to $100 for a full day. In order to rent an ebike for the full day, reservations must be made online. If you only want it hour-by-hour, come on into the shop. It’s a first come, first serve basis.

Another easy option would be Sacramento’s bikeshare, JUMP. This service is offered by Lime and Uber in kiosks all throughout the city of Sacramento. Use the Lime or Uber app to rent your ebikes and find wherever they are stationed. Prices are $1 to unlock your bike, then $0.32 per minute every minute afterward. You have the option of signing up for a monthly plan that brings down the cost for those who are frequent riders. These fees are $59.99 for 25 trips and $49.99 for 200 minutes and unlimited unlocks. For a bikeshare program, you are not required to return your bike from the kiosk you rented it, you can return it to any available kiosk where you happen to be!

There are many scenic bike paths in and around Sacramento, but we believe you’ll love the Sacramento River Parkway Trail. At 9.3 miles long, this trail follows the Sacramento River, giving you lovely views of both nature and wildlife as you enjoy your smooth ebike ride. Several side trails merge into this one, meaning you can keep on going when you come to a crossroads. This path links to the Two Rivers Trail and the American River Trail, giving you plenty of pathways for your adventure.

The Sacramento Northern Bikeway is another option at 12 miles in length. This trail meanders next to a glorious river vista, accompanied by ravines and overhanging oaks, which makes for a satisfying outing into the wilds of Sacramento. This trail is both serene and beautiful, making it a must-see bike trail in the region.

You won’t regret renting an electric bike for your stay in Sacramento. These bikes are fun and versatile, as well as easy and affordable. Go for a few hours or the whole day and do something new and exciting!

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