Sustainable Travel in Salt Lake City, UT

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Welcome to Salt Lake City. The most populous city in Utah and the capital of the state. This city is no stranger to sustainability and has many options for hotels, businesses, and events to plan out that all offer eco-friendly tactics of operation. Not only are there some amazingly eco-friendly businesses, but there are plenty of outdoor events that help keep our carbon footprint low as well. With a city energy that supplies endless fun for the green traveler and a beautiful backdrop of mountains that surround the city there is no reason to not partake in sustainable travel within the city of Salt Lake. Here are some great tips and tricks that are eco-friendly and a huge benefit to the city of Salt Lake. Feel free to explore the options listed here and follow the links provided to further your planning for your great adventure to Salt Lake City.

Green Hotels

Kimpton Hotel Monaco SLC

Kimpton Hotel Monaco SLC is one of the leaders for hotel sustainable operations in Salt Lake City and is a clear choice for the eco-conscious traveler. Find comfort like none other and also sleep tight knowing that you are supporting a business that uses many tactics of sustainable operations to help limit their impact on the environment and climate. Tactics such as using nontoxic cleaning products, lowering water usage, recycling, and serving organic coffee. With a cost of only $129 a night this hotel not only saves the planet but also saves your bank account. For more information about the Kimpton Hotel Monaco please follow the link below and plan out your stay.

The Grand America Hotel

Located in the middle of downtown Salt Lake this hotel is the perfect destination for those seeking to be in the heart of the city. Minutes away from shops and restaurants and only 8 minutes away from the airport. While this hotel has the perfect location it also has top of the line standards when it comes to operating. The hotel team practices sustainable methods of operating and are driven to supply comfort at no cost to the environment. The Grand America Hotel has made it their top priority to conserve energy and stop the over consumption of energy. This hotel is luxurious and offers so many great accommodations for the traveler that seeks sustainable comfort and luxury. For more information, please follow the link below and plan your stay.

Sustainable Restaurants and Bars

The Rose Establishment

Need some gluten free and vegan eating options? Well, look no further for your perfect brunch, coffee, wine, and lunch spot that provides quality foods for all to eat. With options like Apple Spice Waffles that are gluten free and vegan, a brunch bowl consisting of vegan friendly ingredients that will energize your soul, and many more options for a casual sit-down sustainable restaurant. For more information about the popular brunch and lunch spot with food choices for all please follow the link below.

Vive Juicery

Juice to energize your day and detox after a night of drinking. The drinks are bottled in glass and there is a wonderfully sustainable bottle return program that gives you points towards your next purchase. Heal your body and support a business that also supports the planet. For more information about the juicery please follow the link below.

Unita Brewing

Need a drink to take the edge off the day? Or maybe you are looking for a drink to kickstart the day off right? Either way there is no better choice for local beers and drinks than Unita Brewing. Where they have been powered by 100% renewable energy since 2001 and donate all their leftover grains to local farmers. Unita Brewing sets the standards for high quality drinks and sustainable methods of operation. For more information about the Unita Brewing Company please follow the link below.

Outdoor Events that Give Back

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Just a short distance outside of downtown Salt Lake is a wonderful hiking trail to escape the busy city and reconnect to nature. Make sure to bring some appropriate shoes and a great camera because the views are amazing and if you catch a sunset while walking the trails it is even better! For more information, please follow the link below.

Green Bike SLC

Renting a bike and exploring the city from the streets is an amazing way to keep your carbon footprint low and give back to the environment in a simple way. Green Bike SLC is a bike share company that provides a healthy means of travel both for the people and the planet. The company and its supporters have set some really impressive statistics since its birth in 2013. 

With 5.8 million pounds of carbon dioxide being offset, burning over 79 million calories, and counteracting 6.4 vehicle miles that would have significantly impacted the city of Salt Lake. Make sure to travel green and support the planet by riding with Green Bike SLC.

We have only listed off a few of the many options to green travel within Salt Lake City, so please feel free to use the power of the internet and word of mouth to find other green options as well. The city of Salt Lake is amazing and their contributions towards the health of their community and betterment of the world’s ecosystem are truly heartwarming to experience. Not many cities take their carbon footprint into account and seeing what Salt Lake City is doing is very inspirational. If more cities can set the standards for eco-friendliness and sustainability, then the world is sure to become a healthier place that we can continue to enjoy and explore for many years to come. Be sure to travel smart and have an open mind when trying to find alternative ways of traveling within these cities that are more eco-conscious. The choices to limit your carbon footprint are everywhere.  

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