How to Not Look Like a Tourist in Salt Lake City, Utah

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How to Not Look Like a Tourist in Salt Lake City, Utah

Being a tourist isn’t a bad thing, for you only wish to travel to places you have never been and who can really shame you for wanting adventure. However, looking like a tourist is certainly something you want to avoid. Locals of many cities simply don’t enjoy high influxes of tourists because it most often impacts their everyday lives. Many travelers decide to travel with little to no pre-learned knowledge of the city they are visiting and because of this act of neglect they have chosen to stick out like a sore thumb, or in this case a tourist. Here in this article, we will be covering how to not look like a tourist in Salt Lake City, Utah. Learn valuable information that will help you travel with the comfort of knowing you don’t look like a tourist. Visit must see locations and hidden gem establishments that only the locals know about. Here is your one stop shop for everything you need to know in order to not look like a tourist in Salt Lake City, Utah. Feel free to follow the links provided in this article so you can further your planning. 

Travel Tips 

Know these facts, tips, and tricks to help you look like a seasoned traveler that has been to Salt Lake City more than once. Fit in with the locals by implementing this knowledge into your next travel expenditure. 

Night Life

Salt Lake City is unlike other big touristy cities. The townspeople and businesses take relaxation and sleep as a priority. Do not expect to find many late-night establishments open past 10pm. With these businesses closing at normal hours this is also reflected on the published transportation methods as well. Plan ahead and make sure to get your day’s worth of adventure and fun during the day. 

Alcohol Levels are Not What You’d Expect

The city of Salt Lake takes their responsibility for safety to the next level. Most drinks ordered are under the usual alcohol percentage and that is because Utah has had a past of weird laws that prohibit people from getting out of hand. When you order a mixed cocktail from a bar do not be surprised when the drink tastes more watered down than usual. On top of that you cannot buy alcohol from grocery stores. 

Best Time to Visit

Right before all the skiers and snow adventurers arrive is September through October. Salt Lake City is a huge destination for tourists that seek great opportunities to ski so make sure to plan your trip accordingly. If you wish to ditch the crowd then visit during these months. 

The temperatures for these months range between high 70s to mid 40s, so don’t be too worried about freezing weather. Bring warm clothes, some pants, and great hoodies and jackets. 

Where to Stay

Hotels are overrun with tourists, so make sure to check out these Airbnb options that separate you from the crowd and give you a better and more comfortable stay.

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