Spring Break in Salt Lake City, Utah

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The weather has changed from a dull gray winter into a bright blossoming spring. The trees are warm with new leaves and the flowers are radiating with colors that brighten up the world. Our spring break has brought us to Salt Lake City, Utah and here in this article we will be exploring the wonderful city of all its greatest spring break activities and events. From outdoor events that the whole family can participate into great events that only happen a certain time of the year.  Bring some spring outfits for day walks in the park, some sunglasses to enjoy the sunshine without harm, and a camera to capture all the memories and hold onto them forever. Spring break vacation has started and now is the time to plan some big and fun events in the city of Salt Lake. For more information on the listed events in this article, please feel free to follow the links provided under each option. Your perfect spring break vacation is only a few clicks away with the help of this article. Safe travels and have a great spring break with these events listed.

Spring Break Salt Lake City Edition

Welcome to Salt Lake City. Home of some great outdoor experiences for tourists and residents alike. Grab a friend, the family, and wear some great hiking clothes because in this section we will be exploring some of the greatest outdoor events to plan while visiting Salt Lake City. If the outdoors isn’t your cup of tea and are searching for some fun indoor events, then stay tuned because there will also be a great number of events for you as well. 

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Looking for exciting and adrenaline-boosting hiking trails and views? Perhaps your family needs a bit of reconnection with the outdoors? Or maybe you are just a humble traveler that is looking for some time for inner reflection and need a beautiful environment to do so? Look no further and go hike some trails over at Big Cottonwood Canyon. Hike near the river or try to find some waterfalls. The springtime is the perfect chance to experience great weather and blooming plant life. Make sure to pack some good hiking clothes. For more information on Big Cottonwood Canyon, please make sure to follow the link below.


Temple Square

A picture-perfect moment. With insane architecture and blooming tulips this destination is a must visit while in Salt Lake City. Located in Downtown Salt Lake City. Home to a huge church that literally looks like a temple. The destination is free to visit and is the perfect destination for those looking for a fun simple thing to plan while on Spring Break Vacation in Salt Lake. For more information, please follow the link below.



A great place for nightlife, drinks, and great energy for those looking for some indoor activities. Grab a drink, mingle with others that are filling their night with great drinks and radiating energy. Squatters is a Pub Brewery where you can enjoy a relaxing drink and some food. For more information, please follow the link below.

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