Romantic Spots Near Salt Lake City, UT

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Salt Lake City. A beautiful city known for being the religious center of the Mormons, hosting the Olympic Winter Games, for being the most populous city in all of Utah, the city’s cold weather, and its wide array of things to do, Salt Lake City is a city that exudes excitement! Many people and couples visit cities for a lovely romantic getaway. With this being said, Salt Lake City boasts multiple romantic things to do that will be sure to not have you and your lover wondering about date ideas! Let’s explore what the city of Salt Lake City has to offer! 

Red Butte Gardens 

A wonderfully romantic idea when adding to your date idea list for your romantic getaway in Salt Lake City, Utah, would be visiting the Red Butte Gardens. These gardens are perfect and strolling through the Red Butte Gardens will have you and your significant other feeling both serene and romantic. The Red Butte Gardens is a perfect place for you and your partner to connect more, with the quiet and more private atmosphere. There are many wonderful paths to walk at the Red Butte Gardens, each containing the same beautifully private atmosphere but with different things to see as you walk peacefully with your love. There are many different seasonal plants that smell as good as they look with many different kinds of flowers growing throughout. During the summer time at the Red Butte Gardens, you even have the opportunity to escape the privacy and peacefulness that these gardens are known for and catch one of the

many different concerts that the Red Butte Gardens hosts throughout the season. Visit the Red Butte Gardens and connect deeper with your loved one as you both stroll the romantic grounds of the beautiful gardens! 

Liberty Park 

If you are looking for a fun and romantic activity for your list of date ideas during your romantic getaway at Salt Lake City, Utah, visiting Liberty Park to paddle boat is a wonderful idea! With Liberty Park, there is no need to drive out of town to find a body of water to set sail on with your partner. Liberty Park has a big enough pond for the both of you to hop on a paddle boat and paddle on the peaceful waters. Each paddle boat offers two seats, making this a perfect idea to enjoy soaking up the sun while soaking up each other’s company! 

Gallery Stroll 

A wonderful date idea that should make every couple’s list when planning a romantic getaway is visiting an art museum. Gallery Stroll is an art museum that is self guided, making it perfect for you and your sweetheart to enjoy each other’s company and the lovely art around you. This local fine arts gallery will have you and your partner pondering over the meaning of certain pieces as well as discussing the beauty of other pieces.

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