Renting an Ebike in San Francisco, CA

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Ebikes are bikes outfitted with a motor that helps the rider pedal effortlessly over rough terrain. You can use the motor to propel you as well as assist you, and this makes for an easy, effortless ride. Ebikes are classified as regular bikes in the state of California, therefore ebikes can go wherever a normal bike can go. However, according to state law, all children 17 and under must wear a helmet.

Where can you rent an ebike on your stay in San Francisco? We have a couple of suggestions. The first is Blazing Saddles, and this shop rents two kinds of ebikes, the E-Blazer and the Stromer. Their prices are as follows:


$48 for 2 hours

$58 for 3 hours

$62.40 for 24 hours


$58 for 2 hours

$68 for 3 hours

$70.40 for 24 hours

If you book your ebike online, you could get 20-30% off your rental price!

Another great suggestion would be SF Wheels. This shop offers three different types of ebikes for rent, the Magnum UI5 for $69 per day, the Magnum MI5 for $69 per day, and the Magnum Peak for $99 per day. This shop is open only by appointment, so make sure you book your ebike either by phone or online.

There are many beautiful trails to ride around the San Francisco Bay. We suggest Paradise Loop, a 26-mile bike path that’s perfect for a novice or for someone who’d love an easy ride. It has quiet paths and rolling hills and follows the bay, which makes for a fantastic view of nature and wildlife. This path is wide, making it easy to avoid pedestrians or joggers on the trail.

Our next suggestion would be the Presidio. Bikers all over the region use this bike trail. It has glorious views of the bay, as well as the Golden Gate Bridge, making it the perfect trail for taking pictures and getting lost in the beauty of nature. This trail runs through a 1,500-acre park on a former military post, allowing for a lot of land to ride and explore. We’re sure this path will become your favorite during your stay in the Bay Area.

If you’d like something a little more urban, check out the Valencia Street Bike Path. It is much easier to explore the Mission by bike rather than by car. This is also a great way to appreciate the colorful graffiti from various local artists that adorn the buildings along this route. This is definitely an eclectic little bike path you’ll want to ride!

No matter if you’re in San Francisco for business or pleasure, try something new and rent an ebike. They’re easy and affordable, not to mention fun. Get some sun, feel the wind in your hair, and go on an adventure!

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