Outdoor activities near Seattle WA

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Whether it is the music of Nirvana, Pike Place Market, the giant Space Needle, the draw of the Storm, Mariner or Seahawk sports teams, Washington State’s Seattle is a city that attracts millions of tourists per year. You could easily spend your time visiting its many restaurants, museums, and markets but it is the great outdoors attractions that make Seattle a true destination for the adventurous holidaymaker. Let us take a look a just a few of the fantastic outdoor activities near Seattle WA.


Seattle offers a multitude of opportunities for its visitors to take to the water. Simply take a cruise along its waterfront to see the incredible city skyline (The Space Needle, Gas Works Park, Husky Stadium to name just a few of the stunning sights the city has to offer). Enjoy cocktails or dine out on Lake Union. For the more adventurous try watching out for whales, or, salmon fishing out on Puget Sound.


If the water is not for you take to the trees. Canopy Tree Climbing at Deception Pass offers the opportunity to climb some of the world’s tallest trees. Guided in small groups, by experts, this is the chance to see the world through a monkey’s eyes or to feel like a bird amongst the trees. There is no better way to escape and literally climb into the natural world without ever having to leave the city itself. This experience will challenge, will educate, and will make you appreciate trees in a whole new way.


Back on the ground take in the natural beauty of Mount Rainier National Park. With its lakes, mountains, and stunning waterfalls this National Park is a hiker’s paradise in the summer and a heaven for those of you who enjoy winter sports. With routes, paths, and tours suitable for all ages and abilities you would be crazy to miss out on this experience.


Why not add a thrill to your visit to the great outdoors and try mountain biking? Pedal your way over some of the very best terrains and pick up some new skills whilst surrounded by the lush forests of the Cascade mountains. More experienced riders can take on new challenges, receive professional coaching, or just let rip on some world-class cycle trails.


For the ultimate adrenalin junkie take to the air. Just ask anyone who has experienced the thrill of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane and they will tell you there is nothing else like it. If it is time for you to tick sky diving off your bucket list then Seattle could be the place for you.

Seattle is a city, surrounded by nature, that has truly grasped the idea that if people spend more time outdoors, they live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives. It is the Emerald city, a place where the mega-corporations such as Amazon and Starbucks are based yet small, independent businesses thrive. So, order yourself a guidebook, grab a mug of your favorite coffee, and start planning your outdoor adventure to Seattle now.

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