What to Do at the Zoo in Seattle, Washington

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If you’re in Seattle, Washington with nothing to do, why not consider having a day of fun at the Woodland Park Zoo? They are open to the public and their hours of operation are 9:30am to 4pm daily. General admission is as follows. For adults aged 13 through 64, the price is $17. For Seniors 65 and over, the price is $15. For children between the ages of 3 to 12, the price is $11.50. Children under the age of 2 are free! The Woodland Park Zoo requires all guests over the age of 5 years to properly wear a mask over their nose and mouth. All tickets for the zoo must be reserved online as they are employing a timed entry system to cut down on crowds and keep the number of guests within the zoo within acceptable limits. Alternately, you can become a member of the zoo. You can “build” your own membership pricing depending on the members of your family. Individual adults are $55 each. Children 3 to 18 are $25 each. Guests of your family are $74. With this pricing template, you can build a membership for your own unique family!

If you’d like to experience the zoo from the comfort of your home, the Woodland Park Zoo offers specialized Zoom calls with specific animals for your friends and family! You can book with a wallaby, a rhino, or an ambassador animal. All kinds of animals are available upon request, from mammals to birds to reptiles and insects. Request a raccoon or an Arctic fox, book a flamingo or a kookaburra, or perhaps a leopard gecko or a tortoise. Even a boa constrictor or hissing cockroaches are not out of the realm of possibility! The price for this event is $260 for a 15-minute zoom call. However, the rhino and the wallabys are $520 per call as there is only one meet-and-greet with these specific animals a week. All proceeds from these events go directly to the Woodland Park Zoo.

Perhaps you’d like to adopt an animal at the zoo? You can choose several different kinds of animals and the proceeds from your adoption fee goes toward caring for that animal. You do not own the animal as the adoptions are only symbolic. The animals stay in the custody of the zoo, however, you will receive a picture of your specific animal and have the bragging rights that your gift helps them to thrive at the Woodland Park Zoo. The rates begin at $40 for the ZooParent package. The Lead Keeper package is $100, the Senior Keeper package is $250, the Associate Curator package is $500, and the Curator package is $1000.

Events and attractions at the zoo are closed until further notice due to Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a roaring good time. Come on down to the Woodland Park Zoo and have yourself a fantastic new adventure today!

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