Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Times Square New York NY

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Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Times Square, New York, NY could not be more magical, after all this is the birthplace of the pride movement and where its roots began. Fifty years later and people continue to flock to the city not only to celebrate, but to remember the past, learn from the journey, and to look forward together as members or allies of the LGBT community; read more about the beginnings of the movement and how it is celebrated today, in the article below.


Whilst New York is seen as the beginning of the Pride movement it was in no means the start of the discrimination and the suffrage the LGBT community faced. Bars and clubs across the US were frequently extorted by law enforcement and patrons arrested. However, on June 28, 1969, patrons of the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village decided enough was enough. That night they began to protest in the streets of New York City. The riots grew steadily over the coming weeks and finally started to gain recognition from politicians and law enforcement officials. This recognition lead to more rights and fairer treatment for those in the LGBT community over the years to come.


New York has hundreds of events across the city throughout June to celebrate Pride; here are a few of the highlights and recommendations.


On the last Sunday of June, the Pride Parade happens, this is the big event for the Pride Month celebrations, not just in New York but in any city, and you should prepare yourself for hundreds of thousands of people to turn up and line the streets.

It begins around midday at 26th Street and Fifth Avenue and makes its way throughout a few key points in the city before ending at 23rd Street. Whether you want to walk in the parade itself or stand on the sidelines and watch the costumes, floats and, dancers; everyone is welcome.


Head down to Times Square to take part in the dance class of the year. They have everything from complete beginners to advanced professionals. Learn the fun of square dancing in the most famous square in the world! It is a great way to spend time with friends and family and meet and support other members or allies of the LGBT community.


Check out some of the top bars in the area that are great places to visit at any time of the year, but come even more alive during Pride.

BIG APPLE RANCH_ – _West 46th Street

Hosting their infamous Western Saturday nights, Big Apple Ranch is the place to be for a gay country vibe.

THERAPY WEST – 52nd Street

A stylish and chic place to hang out and relax which comes alive with DJ shows and drag acts.

INDUSTRY BAR_ – _355 West 52nd Street

Industrial decor and theme this after-work scene is hustling and bustling and a great place to kick back and enjoy the happy hour.

POSH_ – _405 West 51st Street

With a range of cocktails and specials to suit any taste, Posh has a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere that draws in the local crowd.

Celebrating Pride Month in Times Square, New York, NY could not be more special, whatever you do, you are in for an unforgettable experience!

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