The Future of Travel: Emerging Trends and Technologies Shaping the Industry

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If you’re one to keep up with the trends and technologies in specific industries, look no further for a general idea of what’s going on in the travel industry lately.

Trends in Travel

Based on a report published by American Express Travel, we can see some interesting trends in 2023 for travel. The statistics are a bit staggering: 89% of people who responded stated they wanted to travel to destinations they’ve never visited before; 79% of the Gen-Z and Millennial populations who responded stated that they’d love to partake in a “day in the life” of locals for their destination; and 68% of respondents agree that they pride themselves on finding destinations off the beaten path, beating the crowds and getting ahead of the game by finding lesser-known spots to vacation.

Perhaps the most staggering is the statistics surrounding going on vacations (specifically in 2023) that support local communities. About 77% of people in the United States who responded to Amex agreed that they wanted to support the local communities of the places they visit. The highest statistic for shopping at local businesses as a way of supporting the local community was couple travelers at a shocking 68%. Tying neck and neck at 56% were couples and “bleisure” travelers for financially supporting a local business.

Further into the report, we can analyze how people become inspired to travel – 75% were inspired by social media for a specific destination, 64% inspired by TV after seeing it on a show, news source, or movie, and 48% want to travel specifically to show it off on their social media. 47% of the respondents that created this report cited using family-and-friend recommendations for their deciding factor of where to go.

The foodie community is going strong, with 81% of people agreeing that trying local foods and cuisines is what they most look forward to on their trips. 66% of Gen Z and Millennials agree that food was the greatest inspiration for where and what to eat from social media, and 75% of people are most interested in eating local when traveling this year.

Travel is being done more and more after bouncing back from the 2022 nightmare for the travel industry, with people wanting to travel to find or explore their passions, be it food, sightseeing, or basking in local, small communities. Try to find somewhere off the beaten path if you can, and travel responsibly.

Technology in Travel

Technology has never seen better days than in the past few years, with things exploding across the United States and across the globe as technology darts out faster than humanity can keep up with.

The first major leap has been advanced travel search engines compared to Google, Yahoo, or even Bing. These metasearch engines are geared towards travelers by showing them the maximum number of options available. This can include an online travel agency, lodging reservations, hotel inventory management software, or similar tools used for flights, bookings, reservations, etc.

There’s also the dynamic pricing engines to take into account, which are run entirely by AI. The goal is for the plane to fill as many seats as possible, and they do this by having astronomically cheap pricing. It may come to question, well then how do they make money? Because these prices fluctuate and change based on available data, allowing the airline to make money as travelers climb onto their flight. Even scheduling is handled by automatic systems, which means a scheduling optimization system. Airlines prioritize and focus primarily on short flight times – no one wants to be stuck on a plane for 24 hours unless absolutely necessary. Domestic flights especially strive to maintain low flight times, even with layovers in alternate cities or airports. These airlines keep access to reliable market data via their internal revenue management system, which allows them to track data and analyze what flights are common or better optimized than others.

Virtual reality and augmented reality have truly changed the way people view travel. This primarily shifted when Facebook rebranded and announced they were now known as Metaverse, featuring their own VR system. VR comes with the powerful ability to offer potential travelers a tour of where they’re going before they ever touch the ground. This can mean so many things, including virtual tours for hotels or Airbnbs, exotic destinations, or even national parks, preserves, and trails.

Keeping things clean and sanitary is still a paramount focus, so lots of places are integrating contactless payment technology. One example is the ever-popular Disney parks, which offer MagicBands to visitors. These MagicBands allow people to make purchases on-site with a simple swish of their wrist, and comes with the bonus of allowing Disney to track user behaviors and purchases, letting them analyze that data and better optimize operations moving forward.

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