Top 5 places people are #wanderlust (ing) after.

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Need a little travel inspiration? Get a jumpstart on planning your next trip with these 5 wanderlusty places.

New Zealand

The dramatic natural landscapes of New Zealand have long made it a dream destination. This island country has it all in terms of nature, such as mountains, fjords, beaches, and hot springs. It’s also a top destination for the adventurous set, with plenty of opportunities for canyoning, caving, bungee jumping, ziplining, and more!

New Zealand is especially attractive now due to its incredibly successful response to COVID making it a very safe destination. And borders are set to open up in 2021.


Chances are Slovenia may not be on your travel bucket list yet, but it’s rapidly becoming one of the more sought-after destinations for 2021. This could in part be to its draw for environmentally conscious tourists. Slovenia was recently named the most sustainable country by National Geographic and its capital city is known as “Europe’s Green Capital”.

Slovenia is also drawing foodies. The country has begun hosting a culinary event called “The Gourmet Cup” and the capital, Ljubljana, has one of the best food scenes in Europe.


Japan is often high atop lists of places people are wanderlusting after due to its unique culture, delicious food, dynamic cities, and cutting-edge technology.

While no trip to Japan would be complete without a visit to its bustling cities like Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo, Japan also offers mountainous regions for hikes and many islands to explore. Of special note is the island Hokkaido, which has flower farms, national parks, and skiing.

Should you take a trip to Japan this coming year, you’ll definitely want to try to take in some Olympic games. The summer 2020 Tokyo games were postponed to the summer of 2021.


When many people picture Africa, they’re picturing Kenya. Wide-open spaces, giraffes, safaris -it’s all in Kenya! Top wanderlust-worthy experiences for tourists include going out on safari and unwinding in an Indian Ocean-side resort town.

While there have been security concerns in the recent past with terrorism incidents in the country, it really depends on where in the country you go. Lots of areas, especially the beautiful rural areas and nature parks, are very safe.

People are catching on to all Kenya has to offer: tourism numbers have been increasing recently. If you’re looking to follow this travel trend, there’s more good news: Kenya is staying on top of COVID with strict testing and temperature-taking protocols.

The Canadian Rockies

Instagram has been saturated recently with iconic images of Banff National Park, so it’s clear the Canadian Rockies are on people’s minds. Not only does this region boast drop-dead gorgeous vistas and alpine lakes, spending time out in all that nature is a great way to travel safely during the Pandemic.

There’s also a lot of culture to explore in Canada, with indigenous tourism becoming a rapidly growing sector. The province of Alberta recently created an agency just for promoting First Nations tourism (Indigenous Tourism Alberta).


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