Renting Ebikes in Washington, DC

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Electric bikes, or ebikes as they are called, are bicycles with a motor fitted to assist the rider with pedaling. This makes for an easy and enjoyable ride, no matter the terrain you might need to conquer. According to the law in DC, an ebike is no different than a normal bicycle, which means they are allowed on all roads and bike paths in the area. There is a bike helmet law that states all riders under the age of 16 must wear a helmet while cycling in DC.

Where might you rent your ebike during your stay? We have a couple of excellent suggestions for your next adventure. First, we have Bike and Roll Washington, DC. This shop rents the Trek Verve+. One single battery charge on this ebike will take you 40 miles or more, allowing for a long and eventful ride! There is a security deposit for these ebikes upon rental, and they must be reserved online.

Another amazing shop in the DC area is Fat Tire Tours. They also reserve their bikes online, and pricing begins at a baseline of $7. Ebikes are available for rent all day long. They can be picked up after 9am on the day of your rental. Hourly rentals are possible, as well as overnights, as long as you check with the shop about their ebike availability. This shop provides a bike helmet with every rental.

There are many beautiful bike paths throughout Washington, DC. We think you’d like the Mount Vernon Trail. It is approximately 18 miles long and follows the Potomac along its Virginia shore until it arrives at Mount Vernon, the estate of George Washington himself. This trail not only shows off the river but has fantastic views of the monuments of DC. It is mostly flat and follows a couple of surface streets in two places, but there is a hill here and there along the path. This is no problem with your ebike! If you have the entire day to take a ride, this trail is the obvious choice.

Another beautiful bike trail is The Zoo Review. It is 20 miles long and is one of the most popular trails in DC. It is called the Zoo Review as it passes right by the zoo. Go see a few exotic animals if it so behooves you! But if you’d like to stay on the path, no problem. It’s mostly flat with a few small hills. There is one short section that is unpaved, however, it is packed gravel, which is no match for your rented ebike.

If you’re looking for something novel and exciting to do while in Washington, DC, rent an ebike and view the District from two wheels! You will have a great time, not only seeing the sites, but also going on a glorious new adventure!

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