Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Williamsburg, New York

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New York State has a very rare honor of being one of only three states in the U.S that has Micheline star restaurants; simply for the fact of the number of resources it takes to organize and rate restaurants, the Michelin guide is a little slow at getting around the whole of the U.S. However, New York need not worry, and New York City has managed to have some of the most Michelin rated restaurants in a city, in the world. So, if you are in the area of Williamsburg, as a tourist or resident, we have you covered when it comes to finding the best Michelin star restaurants nearby.

Atera, Manhattan

It is hard to know where to begin with this two Michelin star restaurant, it is a fine-dining experience and then some; focusing on American traditional cuisine but like you have never experienced before. Their menu is seasonal, as in their words it keeps the food fresh and honest, even the food colors are wonderfully seasonal, with bright colors during the summer and more earthy colors during the winter. The food is spectacular, with options like scallop caviar, king crab, or red miso caramel, filling your mouth with flavor. The restaurant caters to a tasting menu, and you can pay extra if you want to include a wine pairing or even a non-alcoholic drinks pairing which is a little cheaper. Atera is by reservation only, and the available dates start from about 6 weeks in advance, so it requires a little planning but is worth the wait. You can see their menu, behind the scenes in the kitchen, and book your table here.

Babbo, Manhattan

Babbo has been around for a little more than twenty years, and during this time they have held onto a one Michelin star award for nine of these years, an achievement that is highly impressive. It also has been greatly praised in the New York Times and has a firm following in their customer base. Babbo has the elegance you would expect from a Michelin restaurant, but it is neither stuffy nor pretentious. Their vision is the provide authentic Italian dining with a family feel, and they do this with both the food and the atmosphere that they have created. All of the ingredients used are either fresh from someplace local, or imported from Italy if the product is a little more distinct; either way, Babbo only accepts the highest of quality in their products and preparation. Babbo has some of the finest Italian dishes you will ever taste, and they are well on their way to a two-star award. Book your table and read more on their website -

Blue Hill, Manhattan

For nearly twenty years, Blue Hill has been serving all who enter, the fine-dining experience they are hoping for. Blue Hill is contemporary American cuisine, who are very particular about the level of care and detail that goes into the food preparation. Not only this, but all the ingredients are sourced from local farms, ensuring you get the best standard of produce and the freshest of flavors possible. There are two options on the menu, a four-course tasting menu, or a six-course farmer’s feast which contains all dishes that have come from that week’s harvest. Blue Hill has easily earned their Michelin star, and are often rated extremely well by food critics. Tables are reservation only, so head to their website to see more and book your place –

New York City is full of so much culture and diversity, and one place this truly shines through is when it comes to eating out; there is a huge array of different cuisines and perfect fine-dining experiences just waiting to be had.

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