Best Coffee Shops in Baltimore MD

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Coffee is almost sure to cross your mind at least once during the day, perhaps you need a little pick me up during a hard day, or you need a break to switch off from your surroundings. Well, fortunately, for those of you in Baltimore we have just the places for you to go. Among the colorful houses and quirky neighborhoods, there are some fantastic coffee houses that are exactly what you need; read on for our guide for the best coffee shops in Baltimore.


Four years ago, this coffee shop started as the owner was determined to make and sell the best macarons anyone could buy, and very quickly they managed it. Word spread about the macarons, but people ended up staying for the coffee and atmosphere too. SACRÉ SUCRÉ has joined the community and gained a huge following with people coming from all over to try their treats and drink their coffee.

Address: 2001 Fleet Street

Baltimore, MD 21231


Aveley Farm Coffee Roasters

If you judge coffee shops by their aesthetics, then Aveley will be your winner. If you judge coffee shops by their coffee, then Aveley will still be your winner. One man and his coffee roaster turned a hobby into one of Baltimore’s most popular coffee stops. Using beans from farmers all over the world, Aveley serves only the highest quality and richest flavors in every cup. Their coffee is not only eye-opening but affordable too, and the passion and dedication in this shop can be seen all around you. Check out his story below!

Address: 1400 Aliceanna Street

Baltimore, MD 21231


Dovecote Cafe

Dovecote has a lot of charm and character, a vibe that sets it apart from most coffee shops, it’s warm and inviting to the point where you feel like you are at home. The design has been so that people can feel a sense of community when they visit like everyone is just being with each other. Dovecote takes pride in serving handcrafted food and drinks to the area, and have a desire for customers to stay and feel like they are in their own house. Check out this awesome and unique coffee shop at their address below.

Address: 2501 Madison Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21217


Water for Chocolate

One of the more established cafes, Water for Chocolate has been around for nearly fifteen years, and once you visit you will understand how they have survived so long in such a tough industry. Quality, service, and affordability are always the priorities here, and you’ll be hard-pressed to ever find a person who has had a bad experience. Whether you go for the food or the coffee, you will be amazed either way. This shop definitely deserves a place on our list is always worth a visit.

Address: 1841 E Lombard Street

Baltimore, MD 21231


For those long days or cold Baltimore mornings, keep yourself warm and ready with some of the cities tastiest coffee and discover some hidden gems in the city at the same time.

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