Outdoor activities near Baltimore MD

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Who doesn’t love spending time outdoors, right? There is something so refreshing and peaceful about being outside, and if you can take part in an activity that you love then the whole experience is even better In order to help you find some great places to spend time outside, we have put together a small list on outdoor activities near Baltimore MD, so if you are in the area, you can get u to speed about some of the best places you can go during your free time.


If you are a fan of being on the water, then this activity is most definitely for you, even if you are not sure, it could end up still being a great experience for you. The tour takes you to some of the top attractions along the bay, such as Inner Harbor or the Ritz-Carlton Bay, where you can learn about the history, soak up the views, and even end the day watching the sunset on the horizon.


Let’s be honest, you don’t only have to be a kid or have a kid in order to go to the zoo. Seeing the sights and sounds of an array of exotic animals, learning about their features, and even partaking in their feeding is fun for anyone at any age. Maryland has an outstanding zoo of more than 1500 animals, so you can be sure to get your money’s worth here.


I’m sure many of us have wanted to have the experience of skydiving but have been far too scared about actually jumping out of the plane. With iFLY Baltimore, you can have the feeling without a single place being involved. Flying indoors on top of a smooth blast of air that will make you feel like you are soaring through the sky. This is the perfect way to have a day to remember without the stress of dealing with heights.


Technically, this is more aimed at kids or for a family day out, but there is nothing from stopping you going if you are an adult who happens to love pirates. Climb aboard this pirate ship and sail the inner harbor while dressed as a pirate, imitating sword fights, and getting involved in pirate activities.


These pedal bikes, designed for up to sixteen people, are a fantastic and adventurous way to see the city. Be taken on a tour of the city, with a bar stocked with beer onboard, and pedal as well as you can to keep your tour moving. Whether you want to go alone or take 15 other friends, it is a great experience and the perfect opportunity to meet new people, as well as get in some fun exercise.

Baltimore and the surrounding area have a lot of offer by way of activities, and given its great history in the country, there is certainly a lot to learn on many of the activities, but we can assure you, that none of it will ever be boring!

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