What is open in Baltimore MD during the coronavirus?

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During coronavirus is it good to have a clear idea about what businesses are or aren’t open, this can save you a wasted journey and added frustration in the very least. However, it is not always clear about what businesses in your area are open right now. Therefore, we have compiled a sample list of a few businesses in order to give you an idea of what is open in Baltimore, MD, during the coronavirus.


Hair Salons were part of the initial closure of business at the beginning of the crisis, however, they have for the most part been given permission to open back up again. Maintaining your hair is important for a lot of people for a variety of reasons, so it is surely good news to know that hair salons are operating again. If you are in Baltimore and are in need of a pamper, then book an appointment with a place such as Salontra Select Suites, African Hair Braiding Group Salon, or Studio 7 The Salon and Spa for all you need.


Home Depot is an essential part of people’s lives at different times; the fact that they sell vital appliances and items such as heating, plumbing, and electrical equipment means that Home Depot is open even during the most serious of crisis or disasters. Without Home Depot many people would be without running water, lighting, or heat, so Home Depot vow to always be open even when the majority of other businesses are closed. There are extra steps in place at Home Depot stores at the moment such as mask usage, limited capacity, and earlier closing times (check with your local store for exact closing times), but Home Depot will always be there for you.


In the entertainment sector, Monster Mini Golf is open and offering a great day out for anyone who is in need of a mental break. As well as mini-golf, this venue also has laser tag and arcades so you can enjoy a huge amount of time here. There are restrictions in place with capacity and masks, but the company ensures they are doing every needed to keep everyone safe.


It is safe to say that many people have been forced to learn to cook this year, or even learn to enjoy cooking, however, everyone needs a break from the kitchen from time to time. Check out the list below of a few of the top restaurants in Baltimore that are open during the coronavirus, but bear in mind some may only be open for takeout rather than dine-in so be sure to call ahead first so you can plan accordingly.

  • The Daily Special Restaurant
  • The Helmand
  • Charleston
  • Thames Street Oyster House
  • Samos Restaurant
  • The Capital Grille
  • Faidley’s Seafood
  • La Barrita
  • Joe Benny’s
  • The Food Market

Things are no doubt different than what many people have experienced before, and it is frustrating to never know when things will start to get back to normal again, however, by working together and staying safe, more businesses in the Baltimore area will be able to stay open or even reopen.

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