Where to Buy Souvenirs Near Baltimore MD

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If you are in Baltimore, MD, or the surrounding areas and are looking for a way to take a piece of the city home with you, then we can help. We have put together a list of the best places to buy souvenirs in Baltimore so you can stock up on your memories and gifts before you leave – check them out below!

Crabby Jack’s

Given Baltimore’s infamy when it comes to all things to do with crabs, it is no surprise that there is a souvenir shop dedicated to them. Fill up your basket with t-shirts, glasses, bags, sports gear, crab flavored crisps, and even cookie cutters shaped like crabs. This is a great place to visit if you are a fan of Baltimore’s seafood, especially because you won’t find any other store like it in the city. Check it out at the address below and see how many crab-related items you can carry!

Address: Harbor Place Mall

Baltimore, MD 21202

Inner Harbor


Conveniently located inside Baltimore/Washington international airport, this store is in the perfect spot for those who didn’t have time to shop during their stay. Pick up a range of gifts and souvenirs relating to the city of Baltimore and a variety of other themes. This store is open every day from 5am until 10pm, so you never have to worry about boarding your plane without a few trinkets to take back with you.

Address: 107 Fuel Farm Rd

Baltimore, MD 21240

Onsite News

Onsite News is another shop that you will find in the Baltimore/Washington international airport, and like with the store above, it also stocks a wide range of gifts and souvenirs for you to purchase before you go. As a bonus, it also sells products such as magazines, newspapers, books, and toiletries so you can get anything you need for the plane or your next trip while you are there.

Address: 7062 Elm Rd

Baltimore, MD 21240

The Sound Garden

The Sound Garden is the very definition of retro. This is the ideal place to stop if you are into souvenirs and gifts that are different from the usual carry on. Pick up socks, vinyls, custom magazines, and a whole host of other items that you won’t find anywhere else. This is a dream shop for anyone who wants to have something unique to take back home with them.

Address: 1616 Thames St

Fells Point

Baltimore, MD 21231

Sock It To You

Our final recommendation also comes to you from inside Baltimore/Washington international airport and is a great twist on city souvenirs. Whatever it is that you love about Baltimore, you will find a pair of socks that show this. Whether it is the food, the buildings, the sports teams, or anything else that represents the city and towns nearby, Sock It To You have a pair for you!

Address: 7062 Elm Rd

Concourse C

Baltimore, MD 21240

We have made it easier than ever to find where to buy souvenirs in Baltimore from, so you need not worry about going home empty-handed!

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