Best Michelin Restaurants near Birmingham, Alabama

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You can’t go to the southern states without thinking of music, football, and most importantly, food. So much food. There is an abundance of great options on seemingly every street, and Birmingham is no exception, However, despite being the perfect location for Michelin star restaurants, the Michelin Guide is yet to come and carry out inspections in the area, therefore, in the meantime we have found the best-rated restaurants according to Yelp; so, if you want a taste of what the south has to offer, check out the guide below.

El Barrio

Before you even think about the food, the interior of El Barrio is a sight to behold, a beautifully decorated restaurant full of rich woods, textures and bold art, it is both sophisticated and elegant without leaving you feeling like you don’t belong. El Bario is modern Mexican cuisine, where they keep the flavors and dishes authentic but add a few innovative twists into the menu; all the food is fresh with some explosive flavors that deserve the recognition it gets. They also have a great drink selection, and are not tight on the alcohol if you order one of their cocktails, which is always a nice touch! The restaurant is a lovely place to visit, and you won’t find a better Mexican dining experience in Alabama, you can look on their website for more information and have a read of their menu –

Yo’ Mama’s

Comfort food is the name of the game in the south, and Yo’ Mama’s delivers exactly what you need; the food is unfussy and simple, but with all the flavors and feelings you want in a restaurant like this. You don’t always want to go out to dine in a restaurant that you pay over the odds to experience a tasting or an a la carte menu, sometimes you just need good old heartwarming food that has that home-cooked vibe. It has a casual environment and excellent service, the staff here are very attentive and go out of their way to make you feel at home. Yo’ Mama’s hits all the right spots and offers a great menu that you can see for yourself here.

Samurai Japan

You would probably never even consider a sushi restaurant to make it into the list, but the people have spoken and Samurai Japan is very highly rated indeed. The food here is prepared exceptionally well in an open kitchen and all the dishes are made using the freshest of fish and seasoned to perfection, and the burst of colors in the dishes are delightful. It is pleasantly decorated inside to give it a feel of Japan without being outlandish, and the food is presented in a manner you would receive if you were in a fine-dining restaurant. It is the perfect little spot whether you want a quick lunch, or if you want to make an evening of it, either way, you will receive excellent service and top-class food for reasonable prices; you can find more information on the restaurant opening times and plan ahead with their online menu, on their website here –

The best thing about Birmingham is the diversity of the restaurant choice they have on offer; southern comfort food, while utterly delicious, doesn’t swamp the food scene like many people might think, rather there are plenty of national and international delicacies to choose from, and when the Michelin Guide does finally come to town, you can bet that there will be lots of places that will make the cut.

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