Outdoor activities near Birmingham AL

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Perhaps you have lived in Birmingham AL your whole life and are here because you are interested in some fresh ideas about outdoor activities, or perhaps you are a newcomer and are looking to see what this city has to offer. Well, the good news is we can help you. Below, we have put together a list of outdoor activities near Birmingham AL so you can experience the best this city has to offer.


Zip-lining is buckets of fun, even those scared of heights can have a great time in this safe and adventurous environment. Swing from the treetops, and see the views from up high as you make your way through this zip-lining park. The small hike to the entrance is also a beautiful introduction to the area.


One of the best outdoor activities will always be cycling, it is a fun way to see places where you don’t have to wear yourself out from walking, or not get the full experience because you’re in a car. You will find Zyp Bikes dotted over the city, and you can unrack them and take your own personal tour of any place you want to go.


You may have heard about other people talking about this park before, it is, after all, home to the largest cast-iron statue in the world, with the Roman God Vulcan watching peacefully over the city. This park is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the city and for good reason. The park is huge and incredibly beautiful, and the museum is a great place to learn all about the history of the city and the impact it had on the civil rights movement.


Check out the elephants, watch the sea lions being fed, take some snaps of the fearsome alligators, and zip around the zoo on their very own miniature train. There are quite literally hundreds of animals at Birmingham zoo, most of which you won’t believe you can see right on your own doorstep. This zoo is the perfect place to learn about a myriad of new animals and get closer to nature safely.


While it can be said that golf most definitely isn’t for everyone, if you do enjoy an afternoon on the course, then in and around Birmingham you will find a whole host of beautiful top of the range courses. Oxmoor is a stunning course, that is more hilly than most, however, this does mean that you get spectacular views from every hole, and will no doubt be left wanting to come back time and again.

In and around Birmingham, you will find an endless list of outdoor activities. While we have only been able to touch upon a few of them in this article, hopefully, it will be the stepping stone you need to get out and experience some of the great outdoor adventures just waiting for you near this city.

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