What is open in Birmingham AL during the coronavirus?

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If you are a resident of Birmingham, AL, and are wanting to find out more about what is open in the city at the moment, then you have come to the right place. Below we have put together a guide of some of the businesses that are open in Birmingham, AL, during the coronavirus to help you better understand where you can and can’t go.


This Alabama based hair salon made the news when they stayed open when other salons were closing. However, they released a statement saying customer safety was their priority and even accompanied this with a video demonstrating the rigorous cleaning they carry out at the salon. Beauty Trendz has certainly demonstrated that they are making sanitizing and customer care of paramount importance. If you are in the Birmingham area and have struggled to find a hair salon open during the last few months, or if your favorite choice has closed, then Beauty Trendz is a great alternative.


If you have taken this time to redecorate and organize your home then Organize BAHM is an excellent place to visit. This store specializes in professional organizing services including cupboard, closest, and office organization. This is the perfect shop to help you declutter your home, and ease the stress of daily life. With more people staying at home nowadays, it is crucial that your living space is as organized and stress-free as possible.


For the freshest flowers in the city and a great selection of personalized, handmade, and unique gifts, then head on to the small business of Wild Things in Holmewood. Brighten up your home, send a friend a gift, or even treat yourself – Wild Things has a beautiful range of goods to suit everyone.


If you have found yourself getting restless at spending more time at home or are worried that you have gained weight during the last few months, then Planet Fitness has you covered. This gym has been one of the more outspoken gyms when it came to staying open as others were closing, with the belief that it was vital that people still had access to gyms for people’s physical and mental health. Each Planet Fitness gym partakes in strict cleaning rules, and social distancing inside, so you might need to visit during non-peak times in order to get in a proper workout.


The majority of restaurants in the city are currently open, albeit you may find there is a limited capacity, takeaway only, or social distancing inside the business. Check out some of the most popular restaurants in the city for the next time you need to give yourself a break from cooking.

  • El Barrio
  • Abhi Eatery and Bar
  • The Purple OnionInverness
  • Bocca Ristorante
  • Chez Fonfon
  • Satterfield’s Restaurant
  • Drake’s Courthouse Cafe
  • Gianmarco’s Restaurant
  • Post Office Pies
  • Cafe Dupont

There are definitely some adjustments that we have all had to make during this time, however it is always important to follow the guidelines of your city in order to ensure that this period is over as soon as possible – if you have any specific doubts about a business or regulation, then check out the government website for Alabama to find more information and contact numbers for the city

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